Indian-origin leader elected president of Suriname

Chandrikapersad Santokhi has been elected President by the Latin American country's national assembly.

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chan santokhi
Suriname’s new president, Chandrikapersad Santokhi. Credit: MyVueNews.

Indian-origin politician Chandrikapersad Santokhi has been elected President of Suriname by the Latin American country’s national assembly.

A former Justice Minister, Santokhi of the Progressive Reform Party (PRP) was elected unopposed, the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) reported. He will succeed Desi Bouterse, a former military strongman, whose National Party of Suriname (NPS) lost the election in May as he sent the country to an economic precipice.

Suriname is a former Dutch colony where people of Indian descent make up the largest ethnic group comprising 27.4 per cent of the population of 587,000.

Santokhi’s party PRP, known in the Dutch language as Vooruitstrevende Hervormingspartij or VHP by its initials, largely represents the Indian community and had originally been called the United Hindustani Party.

Speaking at the National Assembly, Santokhi acknowledged that the country faced an economic collapse and said his government will reorient policies to work for Suriname’s recovery.

Suriname had depended on bauxite exports but recently vast oil reserves have been found in its territorial waters and they could help the country tide over the economic crisis when they eventually come on line. Till then it may need bailouts from international financial institutions and the Netherlands, whose colony it once was.

Desi Bouterse
Former President Desi Bouterse.

Relations with the Netherlands and other western countries had deteriorated under Bouterse, due to his convictions and his drift to Venezuela and China. Sanotokhi will have to try to repair relations with the west.

He also faces the strange task of having to deal with Bouterse’s conviction by a Suriname court for the killing of 15 opponents after the 1980 coup in which he overthrew the elected government and seized power.

Sentenced to 20 years, Bouterse had appealed the conviction while he was President. Santokhi had investigated the case while he was with the police.

Santokhi, 61, was trained in a police academy in the Netherlands and rose to be the chief police commissioner of Suriname. He later served as the Justice Minister in an earlier administration in 2005.

Chandrikapersad Santokhi
Chandrikapersad Santokhi’s party largely represents the Indian community in Suriname.

After Santokhi became its president in 2011, the PRP began to broaden its base, reaching out to people of other ethnicities with its centre-left policies.

The National Party of Suriname, now voted out of power, is dominated by Surinamese of African and mixed ancestry, while Suriname’s other party General Liberation and Development Party (GLDP) is mostly made up of people of African ethnicity who are descendants of runaway slaves who settled in the interior and are known as Maroons.

Indians were brought over by the Dutch as indentured labourers after slavery was abolished in the colony in 1863 in an arrangement similar to that in neighbouring Guyana, a former British colony.

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