Indian Link presents Aussie Bites With Chef Ranveer Brar: Episode 2

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The exciting new Indian Link series Aussie Bites continues, in which popular Indian chef Ranveer Brar travels around Australia trying new foods, making new friends and trading stories.
Presenting episode 2: ‘Tamil Feasts’: Food for Social Justice
How four Tamil asylum seekers use food to overcome socio-political obstacles as they rebuild their own lives.

Tamil Feasts is a social enterprise supporting recently settled asylum seekers through the celebration of food and culture. They serve traditional Sri Lankan fare prepared by Tamil men currently seeking asylum in Australia.
In the video, Ranveer speaks with Dori Ellington, who’s the manager of Tamil Feasts. He also spends time with Sri, Nigethan and Niro – three of the four asylum seekers as they discuss their journey from Sri Lanka to the detention centre in Victoria to the brotherhood and sense of belonging they now experience with Tamil Feasts.
Check out Ranveer’s interview on Indian Link’s YouTube channel.
You can also watch Episode 1: Getting Political, in which Ranveer met up with indophile Julie Owens MP.

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