Happy 25th anniversary to us!

A 25 year journey
A 25 year journey

It was on 25 October 1994 that the first edition of Indian Link rolled off the presses. The team had spent the previous 48 hours putting the 24-page issue together, with no internet – or even mobile phones -to help. (Yes, such a world did exist).

This meant that news was gathered via phone calls from India at a princely sum of $2.20 per minute, while the average weekly wage was about $400. What drove the enterprise was the passion to connect the community as the numbers seemed set to grow.

Fast forward to 2019 and yes, the expansion in the community numbers has certainly taken place. Whereas there were some 75,000 people of Indian origin around then, now there are over 700,000.

Along with increasing numbers came rapid advances in technology that changed our professional and personal lives quite remarkably. To stay relevant as a media house, Indian Link had to quickly adapt and take to other forms of dissemination of information. Indian Link Radio, a 24-7 channel, got off the ground in 2002 increasing the connectivity between the members of the community with talkback on issues of relevance, and the latest in entertainment from Bollywood. As social and digital media added another dimension of how we connect, we added to our network of platforms.

At no stage though, did we allow technology to triumph good reporting.

In today’s world, with social media accounts and smartphones, it is not difficult to be a breaker of news. A media pundit has observed that there is a race on for cheap, unearned attention but this race cannot be won, as there is a continual lowering of standards to take the lead.

The alternative is harder – to seek out quality stories, to ensure the presentation is professional and the content relevant and responsible. Create quality media and then make sure your work is remembered.

At Indian Link, that is our starting point every fortnight.

Now, with over 2,000 print editions or 100,000 pages, and a footprint in radio, social and digital, we are humbled by the feedback we receive from our community.

It is the tonic which keeps us going and striving to do bigger and better things.

At this time, a big shout out to all the contributors past and present, who have been part of the Indian Link family. Your desire to contribute to the community by recording their stories never fails to amaze us. Thank you all.

To our advertisers, who have supported us and continue to do so, we are grateful for your trust in us and for linking your quality brand to ours.

For all our quiet supporters, who have kept us on the straight and narrow (and you know who you are), we are in your debt to allow us to become better in what we do.

Most importantly, to the team who have worked at the Indian Link offices over the years, it was your hard work and dedication which saw us get to press every fortnight with unceasing regularity.

And finally, to all our loyal readers, listeners, social media followers and subscribers, a heartfelt thanks for coming on this journey with us. Our gratitude and sincere appreciation.

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