In Mum’s shoes (sari)

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We raid our mums’ wardrobes to create a unique Mother’s Day tribute  



I am in the “mom, you were right” phase of my life. As I come across the situations in life that my mom told me existed (that I did not believe at that point), it is her wisdom that comes to my rescue now. And draping myself in her sari is a big reassurance to me. I feel the warmth of her presence, even though she lives thousands of miles away.
It’s not just the 5 metre-long pieces of textile that she handed over to me by giving me her sari that she adores, but a piece of her heart – along with her elegant taste of dressing up.

Sarakutty Roy


This is my mum’s favourite hand loom sari bought 20 years ago. I love my mum for her simplicity. I am embraced by her love and warmth wearing this sari, and I feel confident when I wear Mum’s sari. I am proud to carry on her legacy.



This sari was presented to my mother on her 75th birthday by her friends. The earthy brown and the soft green of the sari represent my mother’s passion for environmental protection and her love and celebration of nature. An eco warrior far ahead of her times, my mother is involved in rain water harvesting, tree planting, education and independence of women and other social causes.
My 82 year old mother is an inspirational woman. Sending my love and respect to my mum, an ‘exemplary citizen’, this Mother’s Day.



My grandmother gave this sari to my mum many years ago on the occasion of Nagpanchami, a Hindu festival. Only recently, my mum gave me this sari at the same festival!

Greeshma Kulkarni


This was the sari that my dad presented to my mum on their first Durga Puja together. Maa gave me this as my first sari just before my own wedding. I brought it with me when we moved to Melbourne. Such is the beauty of this sari that even after 38 years, it still looks fab. It is very special to me; I shall always preserve it and keep it close to me.

Anita Charkravarti


Having always adored my mother for the person she is – wonderful and strong, I have acquired inspiration from the way she has conquered every strand of life. I have grown up admiring her style, and especially doting on her saris and those of my grandmothers too. Draping any of Ma’s saris makes me feel proud and confident from within. It’s like being wrapped in her grace and love, hoping to look – and be – like her.

Jaspreet Gill


This is my favourite sari from my mum’s collection because it was given to her by her mum. Over time it has been altered and repaired and modernised by mum and now me. The sari holds many positive memories, as it’s been worn at many occasions by both of us, and always gives me so much pleasure.

Angelique Singh


My mum only ever wears saris and this one is one of my favourites. Growing up I used to love raiding her collection.
I have been living independently in Australia for the last 9 years, and wearing a sari from her wardrobe makes me feel that she is always around me, showering her love and beaming with pride (I hope!). It makes me miss her a tad bit less in my new home away from home.

Sita Daga


Graduating from high school was a very significant moment in my life, and although it was quite challenging, my mother’s support and encouragement always kept me motivated. Wearing one of her saris to my valedictory ceremony was a special way for me to acknowledge and thank her for all that she has done and continues to do for me.

Suneeti Mishra


I love vibrant colours. This sari from my mum’s wardrobe is full of the most glorious colours. Mum loves to shop for new trends so I am lucky to have so much choice! This is one of my favourites because it is lively, and traditional yet trendy. I love it and I love my mum. She is my closest friend.

Satinder Panesar


When Mum chose this sari for herself, I instantly knew I’d be stealing it! She’s always had an eye for fine detail and we always go shopping together for Indian clothes. My best friend, the most humble, caring and selfless mother – who also did my hair in this picture! Happy Mother’s Day!

Kusum Singh


This is the first sari I have ever worn. Mum bought it for herself but I liked it as soon as I saw it. I asked if I could borrow it; she said I could keep it. I love the feel of the fabric and feel fabulous when I put it on. The design is simple as well as sparkly, a bit like the kind of women we both are, really!

Rajni Anand Luthra


This honey brown sari belonged to my great grandmother, which was passed on to my grandmother, then my mother and now I wear it for the special occasion of Mother’s Day. As I drape this, I feel the love from four generations flow through the folds of sari to embrace me.

Hamsa Venkat


This is one of my mum’s oldest saris – she must have been around the same age as I am now, when she first wore it.
When I put it on, it brought back a flood of happy memories for her. I love this sari very much because it reminds me that I look like mum.

Elizabeth Rodricks


A mother’s love can be received in any form. This special sari is handmade using real gold threads by craftsmen in Jaipur. Itonce belonged to my late mother-in-law. I received this beautiful gift on my wedding day. She was meant to wear this for a special pooja but sadly passed away before that. I have been hanging on to this sari for the last 10 years hoping that one day I will wear it for the same pooja to honour my beloved mother-in-law and fulfil her wish.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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