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Celebrate Independence Day with your very own Indo Australian fusion creation
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It is remarkable how we are influenced by the fashion and style of the country we live in, and how easily we adapt this into our own personal style over time. However, our cultural heritage is timeless and so very special to us that we look forward to celebrating festivals and occasions, and love sporting traditional outfits to these.
Typically, weekdays probably see you in pencil skirts and pantsuits busy at work, or tunics and leggings paired with boots rushing to finish numerous errands, before you pick up the kids from school.
Sometimes I’m sure that like me, you wait eagerly for that weekend soiree to dress up in a gorgeous suit or swish around in an exquisite sari! Don’t we all love an occasion to flaunt our splendid Indian wardrobe and jewellery to match!
Ever wondered how you’d successfully sport an Indo-Aussie fusion look that is effortlessly chic? So come a day like Independence Day, it’s your perfect chance to try a new look!
Contemporary Australian fashion is all about looking and feeling stylish in a relaxed and smart-casual manner. Traditionally inspired by the Far East more so than Europe, Australian fashion has always included prints and flowing forms in their outfits. And that’s what makes the fusion challenge much easier!
The key to a great fusion outfit is to blend the Indian piece seamlessly; trying too hard or adding too many pieces will only ruin the look. So how do you do it? Here are four easy pointers to get the look right.
1. Indian prints
Indian prints are so distinct and charming that you would create an instant winner with delicate paisley printed pants or a bandhani (tie and dye) skirt. The rest of your outfit can then be fairly plain with a neutral coloured flowing top and paired with a smart tote bag. One could safely say that printed ‘kurtis’ paired with jeans is almost the uniform for contemporary urban Indian women; this one’s a no-brainer fusion look for sure! Quirk it up by pairing the kurti top with coordinated coloured denim.
2. Colour
When we think of Independence Day, the colours that come to mind straight away are saffron, white and green. Can you actually team these up to create that look dedicated to patriotism? Ok, it’s not as outrageous as it sounds. One way to do it elegantly is to just wear a white or beige shirt with jeans, and throw in a subdued green scarf and a lovely ‘banjara’ mirror-work orange bag. Wear your fancy wedges or sandals and finish this look in style with a pretty set of silver and oxidised metal bangles.
3. Jewellery
That brings us to the next and perhaps one of the most important elements of an Indian look, jewellery. Statement necklaces are such a rage right now and you’ll be surprised how easy these are to work into a shirt ‘n’ jeans look, or even with a pretty evening dress. Indian jewellery is so versatile be it kundan, delicate gold and silver, or pearls. You can instantly glam up an outfit with pretty stone earrings, intricate bracelets or tantalising anklets.
4. Accessories
If you are not able to identify your style in any of the above, I’m sure this one will have you nodding your head and smiling, because it can’t get simpler than this. Yet I promise these accessories can’t be underestimated at all! I’m talking about scarves with Indian prints and colours; just adding this one piece to an outfit will instantly make your fusion look complete, irrespective of whether it’s silk, wool or chiffon. The other easy accessory is an exclusive Indian clutch with embellishments, perfect arm candy, you will agree! And last but not the least is footwear – attractive Indian sandals, mojris or kolhapuri chappals all work magic in an Indian fusion look.
So go out there with confidence, sporting a fusion outfit to your Independence Day gathering and leave your friends spellbound by your super-stylish look!

Kalyani Wakhare
Kalyani Wakhare
An architect by training and a fashion blog writer by passion, I equally love my day job of being a mum. I am a shopaholic, bargain hunter and trend spotter. The next best thing to shopping for me is styling or writing and reading all about fashion!

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