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Ironfish to host free property investment seminar in Parramatta

The Australian property market can be unpredictable and confusing. There are record price increases one month and then falling house prices the next. Some say the housing bubble is about to burst, while others say the boom will continue.

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One of the easiest ways to learn how to better understand the state of the market is to attend a property investment seminar with investment specialists who can answer questions like, ‘Which is better – house and land packages or apartments?’ or ‘Should I buy in Sydney or interstate?’

A free property investment seminar with Ironfish co-founder and investment expert Grant Ryan will be held in Parramatta on Wednesday 11 May.

Ironfish is focused on delivering quality service to guide their clients through the entire property investment journey. Finding a property to buy can be relatively easy, but beyond the initial excitement of finding an opportunity to invest can lie tedious administrative processes and an anxious wait.

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Grant Ryan is a highly sought after property investment expert and regularly holds talks around Australia about the nation’s property markets. He has created and refined Ironfish’s diversified “Portfolio Approach” strategy that is now employed by thousands of investors around the country to secure their financial freedom.

“There are clear strategic advantages for investors who adopt a diversified approach that targets the accumulation of affordable properties of different types spread across different locations,” Grant says. “Ironfish’s Portfolio Approach helps investors to potentially reach their goals faster. With increased buying power interstate, and providing additional property options with greater flexibility, investors are able to buy and hold onto properties more easily over the long term.”

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Grant Ryan

Unlike many other so-called property investment companies, Ironfish is committed to leading the client through the most challenging stages on the path to investment.

Ironfish’s Lionel D’Cruze has been in the industry for almost 20 years. “My greatest professional achievement has been seeing clients prospering and doing so well over the years, sticking with the investment strategy we put in place many moons ago,” he says. “I provide my clients with a unique and powerful investing system.”

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Lionel D’Cruze

With professional knowledge, Lionel has helped thousands of property investors build multi-city portfolios of properties from a single local point. “A geographically diverse portfolio of different property types helps investors reduce risk, while at the same time maximizing profitability,” Lionel explains.  “With proficient planning and evaluation, we have been able to capitalise on investment opportunities and develop strategies in partnership with the client.”

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Dr Johnson Victor has four investment properties with Lionel D’Cruze. He has been with the company for many years and is thrilled with the level of Ironfish’s client care. Last December, he attended the company’s VIP Christmas dinner and won a meal for two at the 3-hatted Quay restaurant!

If you want to learn more about how to approach your investment portfolio, and receive exclusive opportunities and market updates, head to the Ironfish free seminar on 11 May at Mantra Parramatta from 6.30pm.

Visit the Ironfish website to register