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A music event helps raise funds for cyclone-affected Fiji. AKANSHA PANDAY reports

When Kush Sami heard of the devastation caused by the cyclone in Fiji, he knew he had to do something to help.
Well-known as a musician in Brisbane, he felt he had the perfect way to help fund-raise for the affected – a musical night.
Queensland Fiji Disaster Relief.Indian Link
“My people are suffering,” the 22-year-old told Indian Link. “I am using my skills and passion to help the people in my homeland.” Giving himself two weeks to plan the event, Kush recruited the help of good mate Raghav.
A tabla player himself, Kush drummed up support from various musical talents such as Trent Bryson, Parth Raval, Bart Stenhouse, Charulatha Mani and Darshil Shah. A great team came together to raise much-needed funds for Fiji. At the same time, they melted the hearts of the audience with their wonderful music, Indian classical and light Indian.Queensland Fiji Disaster Relief.Indian Link
Some fantastic dance numbers were presented too, thanks to Fijian and Indian youth. The youth of the Fiji church in Annerley sportingly took part and performed a native dance of Fiji. The Soul Bollywood dance company performed in their own characteristic style.
Kush’s humble nature and his genuine love for the people in his community saw the event finish as a success. More than 200 people attended not only for the music, but also to show their support for Fiji in its hour of need. Indeed, many of those present could feel Kush’s compassion for the cause.
Queensland Fiji Disaster Relief.Indian Link
Many volunteers helped out on the night at the auditorium, among them members of Kush’s own family.
For Kush and his relatives, the great emotional attachment to Fiji was obvious. “We still have family back there,” Kush revealed. “Most of them are fortunate enough to be living in a less affected area, but they’ve experienced the effects along with the rest of the nation. The most affected areas are Bae and Reki Reki and the sight of these places now makes me really sad.”
Queensland Fiji Disaster Relief.Indian Link
Kush’s cousin Yash, who acted as the host on the night, told the audience about his experience as he was in Fiji at the time of the cyclone. Suva, where his family lives, is where the campsites are located for the affected people.
The event raised a total of $4500. This money will be going to Queensland Fiji Disaster Relief which will then be utilised for reconstructing peoples’ homes and providing supplies for the Fijians.

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