Giving back to the community

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How Ojasvi Pujari, her sister, and some friends cleaned up their local park

Cleanup is fun
Siya Pujari (7-years-old), Sharini (12-years old), Kareena Lad (12-years-old) and Ojasvi Pujari (12-years-old) in action

Civic Park is my favourite local park in Pendle Hill. It’s a great place to socialise, play and simply have fun. I visit it daily and wanted to give it back something for all of the memories and fun I’ve had there. So on Sunday the 28th of April I organised a small cleanup with two of my friends, and my little sister.
I met up with my friends at 10.30am with all of us bringing the necessary equipment, including gloves and garbage bags. We split into pairs to efficiently cover both sides of the park. My friends, sister and I tried our best to clean the whole park including the areas near the fence, the equipment, the benches and the grass areas. We also partially cleaned the road that led up to the station. We almost collected three bags full to the top of garbage.
An hour later we were tired, hot, and sore, but satisfied about the positive job we had done for the benefit of the environment. We were able to give back at least a small amount to the park that we have enjoyed for so many years by just a simple cleanup. I hope more cleanups like this will take place in the future.
I personally believe that it’s not very hard to contribute just a few hours a year, in order to build and contribute to our community and its future.

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