Coachella cancels AP Dhillon’s performance

The Punjabi singer's debut performance at popular music festival, Coachella made all the headlines this weekend, getting mixed signals from the public.

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At the 2024 Coachella festival, amidst the pulsating beats and electrifying performances, AP Dhillon took the stage by storm. Known for his distinctive fusion of Punjabi folk and contemporary hip-hop, Dhillon was anticipated to deliver an unforgettable performance. Little did the audience know, they were about to witness more than just music; they were in for a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected antics, which would eventually lead to the cancellation of his second performance…

It’s incredible how Dhillon’s tunes can swiftly shift the room’s mood, from pumped-up hype to heartfelt reflections in a flash. He is a vibe maestro. Dhillon’s Brown Munde is the go-to anthem for boys, while Dil Nu and With You hits the girlies differently, sparking that single-and-ready-to-mingle spirit.

No wonder he got the nod for Coachella after Diljit Dosanjh’s epic show last year. This year, when Dhillon went onto the stage, the crowd went wild. Charisma? Check. Energy? Double check! He commanded the stage, drawing in the audience with his magnetic presence. But it wasn’t long before things took a wild turn.

Towards the end of his set, Dhillon wanted to end with a bang (literally) – he smashed his guitar to pieces, as fragments of wood scattered across the stage. It was a moment of raw emotion, a symbol of rebellion against convention, and the internet was quick to react.

@juanmiguelposadaa Had the best time performing with @AP Dhillon at #Coachella weekend 1! He really did that #apdhillon #apdhillxn #guitar #music #liveperofmance #fyp #apguitar #coachella2024 #viral #guitarsmash @coachella ♬ original sound – juanposadape

Social media platforms buzzed with speculation and commentary. Some hailed Dhillon as a trailblazer, applauding his audacity to defy norms and break free from the constraints of traditional performance. Others were perplexed, questioning the rationale behind such a drastic act. Memes and gifs flooded timelines, capturing the absurdity and intensity of the moment.

While some people spoke about how he was trying to copy Western artists, other’s took to his singing ability by saying he needs to do such stunts to gain publicity. Ouch, little harsh guys! But the clear consensus was that an artist needs to respect his instrument and learn to show that respect while on stage. So, let’s take a look at some of the wild comments:

AP Dhillon Coachella

Others took to Twitter to express their mixed emotions and let’s just say, some of these are hilarious.

But, seems like the little stunt may not have sat well with the festival organisers as AP Dhillon has been taken out from the lineup for the second weekend, happening this week. Releasing a statement on Twitter, the official account for Coachella announced that due to “scheduling conflicts” Dhillon was no longer performing in the second week. Oops…

Despite the confusing nature of his actions, one thing was certain – AP Dhillon has left an undeniable mark on Coachella 2024. His performance transcended mere music, becoming a catalyst for introspection and discourse. And as the first weekend of the festival came to a close, the internet continued to buzz with speculation, eagerly awaiting Dhillon’s next move.

Now, he has posted a cryptic post on Instagram captioned, “The media is controlled and I’m out of control.” Dhillon seems to be making a connection to Kurt Cobain smashing his guitar, a legend who played pure rock music. Looks like he is saying main karu to saala character dheela hain!


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