Children are like flowers

HSWA’s Phulwari event was a show for the kids, of the kids and by the kids

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Children are like flowers, it is said. We must water them with love. To give them an opportunity to blossom to their fullest, Hindi Samaj of Western Australia (HSWA) organised a cultural event recently, called Phulwari, Hindi for garden.


A variety of beautiful flowers made up HSWA’s Phulwari: kids in little skits, in dance, and in song.
The young tots from Campbell Pathshala presented a wonderful play based on the old Indian myth of devas and asuras (good guys and bad guys) churning the oceans in a tug of war, for some amrit (nectar).

With some clever scripting, the event took an interesting turn when the old myth slowly turned its focus towards the very real global problem of polluted ecosystems. The need for both parties, the devas and asuras to unite against this common problem, came out loud and clear. Wonderful direction there!

Before this, a roaring performance on Ganesh by the talented kids from Baal Vihar set the stage for the show appropriately.
The Sinhala group’s beautiful peacock dance mesmerized the audience with its unique fusion of nature and culture.
To watch bhangra performed by Bhangra Starz Perth was a thrilling visual treat.

Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya presented a beautiful Mehfil-e-tabla.
Solo singing sensations held the audience’s attention in thrall. The little ones gave a raving performance to take their parents down memory lane with age-old childhood games like ‘Poshan paa bhai poshan paa’ and ‘Mogli’.


Certificates were presented to the littlies as well as to their teachers. Parents who contribute to these out-of-school activities were also felicitated.
The harmonious dance ensemble depicting every religion was wonderfully picked as closing item. Wonderfully done!
The flowers in Phulwari had spread their fragrance and impressed with their colours.



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