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Diaspora and Dissent

As Hong Kong becomes a city fighting for its rights from China, the squabble has spilled on to the streets and universities around Australia. In recent days, pro-Hong Kong protesters were taunted with expletive-laden chants from...

Indian Elections 2019: What if there is a hung parliament?

Conventional wisdom about the upcoming Indian Elections has it that the current polls will not produce a clear-cut result like in 2014. The's because there is no definite trend for or against any party at...

Meditation as a lifestyle

Inner peace, happiness and energy: Lessons from a life guided by meditation

Gladys Berejiklian: We made NSW the strongest state

Premier GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN on why the Indian community should vote for her: Excerpts from an interview with PAWAN LUTHRA

Indian links in the 2019 NSW election

Getting to know some of the Indian-origin candidates in the upcoming state elections

Indians in Oz

The FAQs that make us love our Facebook community groups

On Preethi Reddy’s murder: “It’s shocking”

Family friends say Preethi was a lovely girl and so, the horrific incident is absolutely unbelievable

India to have world’s only completely-electrified large railway network

Over 4,000 km of railway tracks were electrified last year, which would increase to 6,000 km this year

We love Sydney in the summer

We pick here our Top Ten favourites from Sydney Festival 2019.

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