Centre stage at Maha Milan

Maha Milan 2015 could have been a night for the talent spotters, NIKITA KULKARNI reports

Melbourne’s designer tram with a desi connect

Indian-Australian artist turns Melbourne tram into a colourful canvas with a Kolkata connect. PREETI JABBAL writes.

Journey of an artiste

A classical dance program, Margam highlights the steps on the path to fulfilment. LP AYER reports

Murder in Pakistan’s nuclear establishment

Intrigue is rife in diplomat-turned-author Akbar Agha's second novel, writes VIKAS DATTA
Nautch2.Indian Link

Nautch review: Brown women pissed off about colonialism

Set in Tasma Terrace and asked to reimagine a British merchant’s drawing room as an opulent Indian palace, Nautch is a show that is part classical music and part social commentary. It’s also a...

Chi Udaka: Sydney Festival

A compelling fusion of Indo-Japanese culture has created an intrinsic dance artform that is traditional, yet contemporaryCome January and a dynamic fusion of music and dance, an innovative cross-cultural partnership, will have its world...

Mungo Man

An original short story by RAJPAL SANDHU

An Adelaide tribute to an old master

Shankar Kandasamy’s Bharatanatyam piece is highlight at Thyagaraja Aradhana, writes LP AYER

What it really means to be a migrant

SALMA SHAH reviews NSW academic Roanna Gonsalves' first book 'The Permanent Resident'

An Aussie tale of Indian film royalty

Melbourne’s Peter Dietze shares a family legacy that goes back to Indian cinema’s pioneering days with the new Bombay Talkies exhibition. PREETI JABBAL reports