Honourable end

Harsher laws and stricter punishments are needed for crimes against women, writes LP AYER

The unique pole act

The ancient sport of mallakhamb is introduced to Australia with jaw-dropping results, says USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND

Lovers and losers

The newly launched Adakar Theatre Group kickstarts its innings with Moliere, writes RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

Not your regular Bedtime Story

Nautanki Theatre brings to life Kiran Nagarkar’s boycotted play and the hidden questions it contains, writes RAKA SARKHEL

Taking Oz cinema to India

Mitu Bhowmick Lange curates an Australia Focus at Kolkata International Film Festival

Eagle eye

Vijay Chelsea combines his photography skills with a passion for birdlife, writes SAI NARAYAN

Book review: Is there an alternative to democracy?

Why democracy does not always lead to solidarity, prosperity and liberty. By SUKRIT SABHLOK

Faces that make much noise

ABC presenter Sunil Badami reflects on the importance of hearing ethnic voices on the radio, writes ROANNA GONSALVES

Blues, spiced with Hindustani

Canadian musician Harry Manx brought his particular brand of fusion and his mohan veena to the MEMO Music Hall in St Kilda, writes APARNA ANANTHUNI

When the Kem chhos came to Oz

On being vegetarian and Hindu in 1970s Australia, and how the Garba was launched. PAWAN LUTHRA on a new book about the Gujarati community