Build better posture for good health

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better posture
Build better posture for good health

Poor posture can not only make you look bad but can also have adverse effects on your overall health.

“Maintaining a poor posture for long periods of time affects the natural alignment of the body and lowers energy levels. In addition to soreness and pain in the body, poor posture can also lead to physical and mental stress.

“Posture defects can negatively influence lung function and lead to shortness of breath. Long term effects of bad posture could even impact blood circulation, digestive pattern as well as the nervous system. People who tend to slouch have also often reported having headaches,” Dr Sumalatha KB, Consultant, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Aster CMI Hospital said.

The expert shares these top tips to maintain correct posture:

1. Become more mindful of your posture throughout the day, even when you are absorbed in any external activities. Exercises focusing on the body core help immensely in retraining the body to hold itself the right way, while also increasing self-awareness of the body.

2. Exercise in the correct form, and invest in rest and recovery after a workout. Engage in muscle-strengthening exercises.

3. It is advised to switch sitting positions, take brief walks and breaks from the computer system on your workdays. Do not stay in the sitting position for too long. Ensure you stand/walk often and stand straight while you do it. Doing this can help you prevent pain, injuries and other health problems.


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