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6 wardrobe essentials will keep you looking trendy and warm as we bid adieu to summer


Although it hardly felt anything like autumn when going to press, I couldn’t help but feel excited doing some research on this season’s big trends and sourcing good ideas on which to spend your dollars.

Here are some of the best pieces that will take you through this autumn and winter in style and best of all, you can choose to ‘save’ or  ‘spend’ on your favourite ones.

  1. Chambray (sham-b-ray) shirt:  The ‘casual’ classification of denim is fast changing and even moving into the so-called ‘sophisticated’ style of dressing. Chambray most certainly fits the bill for a ‘sophisticated’ style. Well, chambray is essentially a fabric that looks like denim and feels like linen, quite handy for a comfy shirt, right? It is cosy, versatile and easy to pair with a pencil skirt, coloured denim pants, knitted leggings or worn as a jacket over a striped dress. I’m sure you are beginning to imagine and style some of these looks in your head already! Chambray is available in a variety of dark and light denim tones, so consider buying a wash that will compliment your skin tone or contrast your regular blue denim jeans for a ‘double denim’ look without making a fashion faux pas!

Save with Kmart ($17) or spend with Sussan ($80).

  1. The warm coloured jacket: What’s autumn without a warm coloured outfit! Don’t we all just gravitate towards brown, mustard, orange and shades of red and pink? Well, the good news is that shades of red are right on trend, including the area of make up too. I like to interpret this trend by selecting a burgundy or orange smart cut blazer, and wearing it over an all black base. I know you’re thinking, whatever happened to the perfect little black blazer? If you like to stick to convention then go ahead and wear your black jacket over a red polo neck, by all means. I just like to quirk things up a bit!

Save with Forcast boyfriend orange blazer  ($41) or spend with Witchery’s relaxed fit coral jacket ($100).

  1. Cashmere jumper: Nothing gets classier than cashmere. It ranks higher in the dollar value, but a black or grey piece will be a long-term investment. Cashmere will provide the perfect base for a beautiful statement neckpiece for an evening out, or a bright printed scarf for a weekend look. The soft wool knit will keep you warm and the natural fibre will last longer and keep looking fresh.

Save with Woolovers online buy (2 for $67) or spend with DVF at Net a porter ($385).

  1. Dark denim: Originally worn by workers and synonymous with teenagers not so long ago, denim has come a long way. A well-fitted pair of jeans is a highly desirable piece; it’s amazing to see the range of products available, and that’s just in regular blue denim! Light wash, mid wash, dark wash, straight, boot cut, super skinny, curve flattering and so on. There are so many options which can be good, but a bit confusing at the same time. So let’s simplify. The trend this season is ankle grazing, slim fit jeans in a relatively dark wash but then again, this is definitely not the ‘be all and end all’. So go for a wider leg if that is more flattering, but get the hem right and preferably pick a darker colour. Work the look with your chambray shirt, black cashmere jumper or a warm coloured sweater and leopard print flats for a sleek autumn outfit.

Save with Target’s every day jeans ($10) or spend with Sussan slim dark wash jeans ($90).

  1. Something with that ‘edgy’ detail: So what is this ‘edgy something’? Pardon my vagueness, but I am at a loss for using a better word! I’m referring to the ‘leather and leopard’ kind of detailing. You probably have noticed plenty of faux leather detailed tee shirts or leggings, skirts with side panels, and leopard print clutches or snakeskin trimmed bags. If you were tempted to pick up one of these I’d suggest you do, because that is ‘edgy detailing’ and it certainly is a stylish trend this season.

Save with Sussan ‘Olivia’ leopard detail pouch ($40) or spend with Marcs ‘Pebble Victoria’ small satchel bag ($189).

  1. Ankle boots: This one is a pretty quick and easy to understand trend, and I’m sure many of you have great ankle boots from previous seasons that will be coming out of the closet soon. Well, you certainly should save here if you already have good boots, as there is really no right or wrong. But if you’re looking for a great pair, go for my suggestion – suede, suede and suede! I can’t get enough of this classy material, but leather or faux leather is good enough too and for those of who love their UGGs, bring them on as well!

Save with therapy suede ankle boots ($50) or spend with Country road suede ankle boots ($199).

Kalyani Wakhare
Kalyani Wakhare
An architect by training and a fashion blog writer by passion, I equally love my day job of being a mum. I am a shopaholic, bargain hunter and trend spotter. The next best thing to shopping for me is styling or writing and reading all about fashion!

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