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Indian Link awarded a Victorian Multicultural Commission Multicultural Award for Excellence in Media

Victorian Multicultural Commission awards.Indian Link
Indian Link Melbourne has been serving Victoria’s Indian community, and others interested in India, since 2001. Our motto is to seek out Indian links in mainstream Australian life.
Indian Link is the proud recipient so far of many media and community awards, including 17 Multicultural awards in the past five years. This is our second award in Victoria.
As migrants in this country, we are passionate about successful integration.
We seek out stories that depict our compatriots doing well in their adopted country and contributing significantly to its development.
As proud Australians, we take great pride in highlighting the efforts by mainstream Australians who are ‘Indophiles’ or who have worked closely with India in one way or another.
In this sense, Indian Link’s efforts are truly integrating.
Multicultural Victoria.Indian Link
The Indian community in Victoria has proved itself to be resilient and hard-working. This year, Indian Link worked hard to feature stories to show our community’s attempts at assimilating and contributing to the wider society.
This included showcasing Indian-origin students dominating in the VCE results; recognising members of the Indian community awarded Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday honours; and demonstrating the significant impact Indian leaders in their respective fields, such as medicine, technology and arts, have on Australian society.
In the centenary year of World War 1, Indian Link also spent time highlighting ‘ANZAC Indians’ who proudly march in the annual parade, remembering their own fallen and showcasing solidarity with Australia’s fallen heroes.
Indian Link’s also strives to showcase calendar Indian events such as Holi, Diwali, Independence Day and the manner in which the Indian community shares these main events with the wider society.
In the lead up to last year’s state elections, Indian Link created an online election survey to get an insight into how the Indian community would be voting.
Many marginal seat electorates have large clusters of Indian community members, and this exercise turned out to be informative and created greater political comprehension among our readers.
Indian Link’s comprehensive report of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Australia late last year was very well-received, especially as he went out of his way to meet every-day Australians in the major cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.
Our work at Indian Link, wide-ranging in its breadth and quality, has served to help audiences link the Indian and the Australian experience, promoting an awareness about Victoria’s diversity.
Multicultural Victoria.Indian Link
Our strongly bipartisan approach to community life, our passion to report objectively and our commitment to high standards of journalism, are all acknowledged by the community we serve, as well as the wider mainstream.
A team of nearly 70 contributors help take the Indian message out to Australia, and we are proud of to be the go-to place for individuals who have news to share with other Indian-Australians.

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