Amit Patel

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Amit Patel is a Glen Waverley Ward candidate for Monash City Council

A bit about Amit Patel

Personal: Local Glen Waverley resident, migrated to Australia 22 years ago from India and became a citizen of Australia. I am married and have two loving kids. I believe I am a creative, thinker, and a hardworking professional. I have a strong desire to serve our community. 

Professional: I hold a Bachelor of Business in Sustainability and I am a Project Management Professional working in the IT Industry. 

The reason I’m standing for council elections

I am passionate about serving the community. I believe it is our responsibility to give back to the community. Throughout the last 22 years in Australia, I have served in various communities and not for profit organizations in different capacities where I have given my time and shared my knowledge.

For the last one year, I am serving within the Monash Council as a Community Ambassador, where we provide support to the Monash Council’s multicultural team in shaping, organizing and executing various strategies/programs related to diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusiveness. 

Why people should vote for me

There are 5 key objectives for which I have nominated myself for the Local Council Election 2020 to represent our community of Glen Waverley Ward. 

  • Active voice and participation in all matters that are important to the community such as rates reduction, assistance to the senior citizens, simplified waste collections, better recreational facilities and parks. 
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging open space with fitness equipment, kids’ activities, and water fountains available to all ages. 
  • Promote diversity and inclusiveness in all policies that have an impact on the community. I strongly believe that diversity is a strength of our community which should be harnessed and appreciated. 
  • work for a Communal Kingsway, by increasing public space, introducing creative features and open-door kids’ activities. This will allow the local community to spend more time outside and enable local businesses economy to flourish. 
  • Promote best practices for traffic management in Monash. I believe there are many alternative approaches through which traffic congestions can be reduced on Springvale Road, High Street and Waverley Road. These are the busiest roads and creates a stressful environment for our community    

My contribution to the community

One of the common values that I represent is of service. Service to the community amongst whom I live to improve quality of life. During the last 22 years in Australia, I have participated in various volunteering programs ranging from feeding the homeless people, assisting senior citizens, organizing not-for-profit events and planting trees, collecting wastes etc.

From October 2019 I have been given the opportunity to serve as a Community Ambassador within the Monash Council, multicultural team in assisting with various strategies/programs related to diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusiveness. 

If elected, my post-pandemic key goals will be to

  • Build a strong local economy by supporting local business and promote events that bring in more business
  • Improve the quality of life of the residents by focusing on education, health, and social welfare equal opportunity to all.
  • Revisit the past strategies to ensure they are strong and sustainable for the post-pandemic world and the Monash Council has a long-term vision to offer a better future for our children.

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