A new mum’s thank-you note to her body

Written late one night this week, after the birth of my first child

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Dear body,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am writing this in case I forget with the passage of time. In case I begin to overlook and undermine you again. Because this week you showed me just how wonderful and capable you are and I hope never ever to forget.

This week was one of the most, no, THE most intense experience of my life. It called on you as my body to step up and provide for not one, but two people as you have been doing for the last few months but in warp speed.

You got me through the shock of finding out about the imminent delivery, through prepping for a c-section, through the operation itself which as everyone kept reminding me, is major abdominal surgery!

Through the after-effects of surgery, through the adrenalin rush post op to pee, poop, get up and see my baby.

Through the pain and post trauma as baby stayed in NICU and you pushed yourself to absorb all the medication, food and nutrients not only to keep me going but to start expressing for baby.

new baby
Source: Pixabay

And even as I write this you continue to labour. To heal the cut that brought my baby into the world.

To process all the medication I’m pushing in and making sure it’s going where it’s needed. To turn food into nutrition for baby and I, to keep us mentally and physically fit.

You do all this just for me and have the bumps, bruises and scars to prove it, the discoloration, the stretch marks, the extra skin… I was learning to live with it all but now I respect and love it!

I understand you as my body are a gift from God and I have a duty of care towards it. I will be more mindful of what I put in you and how I use you.

I will speak kindly to you and send you positive energy.

I will never take you for granted again.

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Shafeen Mustaq
Shafeen Mustaq
Shafeen is a Sydney based writer

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