A message from Michelle Rowland MP, Shadow Minister For Citizenship and Multiculturalism

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It is my great pleasure to extend my best wishes to those celebrating India’s 68th Independence Day.

August 15 commemorates India’s non-violent struggle for independence and reaffirms the strong bond between our two nations.

Australia and India are inexorably linked by language, democratic heritage, and a commitment to peace in our region.

We have been comrades in times of war and friends in peace. Our relationship has seen a large Indian community migrate and prosper within our shores. Australia proudly boasts a strong Indian community, now exceeding over 450,000 people.

Indian-Australians have enriched our political, economic and cultural life. Their commitment and application has been layered and woven into the Australian way of life. Indian Independence Day is an opportunity to recognise and appreciate the valuable contribution the Indian community has made to the mosaic that is Australia’s multicultural society.

My warmest greetings for a joyous celebration of Indian Independence Day.

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