A message from Bill Shorten, Leader Of The Opposition

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Sixty-seven years ago, the saffron, white and green of the Indian tricolour was hoisted above the gates of the Red Fort to mark the historic moment when India kept its ‘tryst with destiny’.

Today, on Indian Independence Day, millions of people will be joined in celebrating all that India has achieved.

There is so much for modern, independent India to be proud of.

In 1947, Prime Minister Nehru spoke of a nation waking to ‘light and freedom’ while the world slept.

In 2014 India is a beacon of democracy, a nation turning economic growth into social progress and freeing its citizens from poverty, while the world watches in admiration.

Today all Australians rejoice in India’s progress, and we give thanks for the contribution that the Indian people have made to our society, to our culture, to our cuisine and to our country.

I wish you all the very best for a joyous celebration.


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