10 quality quotes from Obama in India


Honest and endearing, US President BARACK OBAMA

1 India will succeed so long as it is not splintered on religious lines. Every person has the right to practice their religion how they choose.


2 Our nations are strongest when we see we are all God’s children, all equal in his eyes.  Sometimes I have been discriminated against on the basis of the colour of my skin.


3 Every woman should be able to go about her day – to walk the street, or ride the bus – and be safe and be treated with the respect and dignity that she deserves


4 You may have noticed I am married to a very strong and talented woman. Michelle is not afraid to tell me when I am wrong, which happens frequently.  We have two beautiful daughters. I am surrounded by strong, smart women.


5 The Secret Service won’t let me ride a motorcycle, especially not standing on my head (referencing BSF daredevils in Republic Day Parade).


6 The world will be a safer, more just place when our two democracies – largest and oldest – stand together. Both our countries have known the anguish of  terror and we stand committed to the defence of our people


7 More than a hundred years ago America welcomed a son of India-Swami Vivekananda.  Swami Vivekananda helped bring Yoga to our country.


8 Senorita, bade bade deshon mein…you know what I mean (he quotes Dilwaale Dulhaniyee Le Jaayenge).

9 Michelle is a better dancer than I am. Sometimes this hurts my feelings.
10 It is a great matter of pride to see Indian women in the armed forces, including the officer who led the Guard of Honour for me when I arrived.