Read, Listen, Eat, Watch: What we’re loving right now

Sydney's first chai and pakora joint, an American author inspired by the Bengal tigress Machali and more!



Three Ways to Disappear by Katy Yocom

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Machali, Ranthambore National Park’s beloved Bengal tigress who died in 2016, was the inspiration for American author Katy Yocom’s debut novel Three Ways to Disappear – a story about family, love and loss, as a human and as an endangered species. Protagonist Sarah DeVaughan quits journalism and returns to India, the country of her childhood. In the process, she explores her lost family, forbidden love and the vast natural beauty of her former home. Wistfully descriptive, this is a must-read for anyone who loves family dramas, the big cats and a well-told story.


The Birdy Num Num Project

You’ve seen him do his stand-up comedy shtick on TV, and maybe even in person. With his podcast, irreverently titled Birdy Num Num, you get to hear Sanjay Manaktala wax eloquent (and hilarious) about his philosophy – because life begins after engineering. Of course, you don’t have to be an engineer to appreciate Manaktala’s brand of humour. With episodes like ‘Being Yourself is Underrated’, ‘Grooming, Hygiene, Bodyspray and the Indian Man’ and ‘Who Said You Can Only Have One Career’, Manaktala (and his guests) have something for everyone. Episodes drop Mondays and Thursdays.


Sydney – Flyover Fritterie

Hot pakoras (fritters) and chai (tea) are a match made in… every Indian home. Now this dream combo’s right here in the heart of Sydney’s CBD – this winter, head over to Gunjan Aylawadi’s diminutive Flyover Fritterie on Temperance Lane for a bite-sized meal of pakora burgers with pickled beetroot and tamarind chutney, and some spicy chai made with soy milk. With just four items on the menu, you won’t be overwhelmed. And with a big cone of hot pakoras (drizzled with delish chutney) in your hand, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Melbourne – Atta

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Indian food re-imagined! Owners Brij and Harry showcase indigenous and classic Indian dishes with a contemporary perspective at Atta. Steering away from the norm, the restaurant offers a fine dining, sensory experience that’s unique, vibrant and exciting in a sleek, sophisticated yet fun and social setting. A much needed, refreshing shift when it comes to the Indian food scene of Melboune, Atta’s modern take on classics like Sikandari Raan, Nargeshi Kofta, Ras-Malai etc…. is sure to offer that ‘wow’ moment. And forget the beer and curry combo; the contemporary vibe extends to the beverages too with a range of cocktails, craft beers and fine wines matched to the food. (Words by Dhanya Samuel)


Engineering Girls

ICYMI, Engineering Girls was one of the best web shows of the past year. Nudging aside the well-worn subject of male engineering students, this series (directed by Apoorv Singh Karki and starring young web talents Barkha Singh, Sejal Kumar and Kritika Avasthi) explores the trio’s college and hostel lives, their aspirations to have their own start-up and the ensuing craziness that inevitably follows. Not only is the 5-episode series immense fun to watch, but it’s also a not-too-subtle nod to the importance of having more girls in STEM. Episodes are out on YouTube.