Talk to Lord Krishna via AI chatbot based on ChatGPT

AI-powered platform Chatsonic has launched a new application that enables users to communicate with the Hindu deity via a chatbot.

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AI-powered content creation platform Chatsonic has launched a new application, “BhagavadGita.ai – Talk to Lord Krishna”, a unique platform that enables users to communicate with the Hindu deity in a conversational manner via a chatbot based on ChatGPT.

This web application’s conversations are recorded in a fixed context.

“With its advanced AI technology, user-friendly interface, and personalised content, it provides users with answers to their questions and helps them understand the teachings of Lord Krishna in a better way,” Samanyou Garg, Founder and CEO, Writesonic, said in a statement.

“Its popularity has grown exponentially in the past few days and people from all over the world have been using it to gain spiritual guidance and comfort,” he added.

Moreover, this new web application based on ChatGPT also provides personalised content that is tailored to specific requirements.

This will help users to understand what Lord Krishna is trying to tell them through the divine text of the Bhagavad Gita. The users can ask any questions related to their faith, life, and well-being, and the answer will be provided in an understandable format, said the company.

Meanwhile, Google India software engineer Sukuru Sai Vineet, has also launched Gita GPT – a GPT-3 powered app that generates answers to your life issues from the Bhagavad Gita.

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