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Sydney Festival Director WESLEY ENOCH’s top Sydney Festival picks

When thinking about my top 10, I’m thinking about the shows I want to take my family to during January. A mix of dance, circus, music and a little bit of naughty too. Sharing time with friends and family is what January is all about, so I want to go to things with them that we can all enjoy and talk about after.

Wesley Enoch.Indian Link
Wesley Enoch; photo by Prudence Upton

  1. Ladies in Black

A fabulous musical about Sydney in the late 1950s. A great show to take your family to – especially your mother or the other special women in your life.

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Photo by Rob Maccoll

  1. The Beach

The largest ball pit in the southern hemisphere with 1.1 million balls! This is free fun for the family during the holidays.

  1. Inheritor Album

If you love street dance, come check out this company from Vancouver who have a wonderful mix of street and contemporary dance.

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Photo by David Cooper

  1. iD

Circus is the stuff of risk and skill. Come see 15 acrobats do amazing things all with a pumping soundtrack and amazing projections. From BMX bikes and trampolines through to delicate aerial tricks and juggling… this is fun and breathtaking.

Wesley Enoch.Indian Link
ID Cirque Eloize

  1. Tipping Point

Circus at its most beautiful. Delicate balances alongside a playful sense of cheating gravity. This company from the UK is at the top of their game.

Wesley Enoch.Indian Link
Ockham’s Razor – photo by Mark Dawson Photography

  1. Humans

Circa is one of the best circus companies in the world and they are home-grown Aussie favourites. Come be the first people to witness this brand new, world premiere of a show under the Big Top at Prince Alfred Square, Parramatta.

Wesley Enoch.Indian Link
Photo by Sarah Walker

  1. Hakawati

A beautiful storytelling tradition from the Middle East where food, song and story mix to create a wonderful night of wonder.

  1. You, Me and The Space Between

A family show of wonder and fun. Live drawing and amazing puppetry. A story for our times about coming to a new place.

Wesley Enoch.Indian Link
Photo by Elise Derwin

  1. Briefs

Naughty but nice. This all boy burlesque show will be the joy of the festival. Come out for a raucous night of feathers, fun and fantastic entertainment.

  1. Symphony under the Stars

The classic outdoor event in both the Domain and in Parramatta. This long standing tradition is fabulous for all the family. Enjoy the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in a park of your choosing.

Wesley Enoch.Indian Link
Photo by Ben Symons

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