State of Nostalgia: Tamil Nadu

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Chidambaram and Appurva share their memories of Tamil Nadu

Chidambaram, my hometown, has some distinguishing features symbolizing India in a microcosm, such as its ancient and grand temples, breathtaking temple architecture, wonderful festivals, classical performing arts (dance and music), literature and higher learning.

Ancient temple- Tamil Nadu
Ancient temple- Tamil Nadu

Its reputation mainly stems from the Nataraja Temple, one of the most celebrated Hindu temples in the country. My grandfather Srinivasachari (Chikka), a respected historian, lived in the street overlooking the 250 feet tall North Temple Tower (Gopuram).

When I visited Chidambaram as a young child, he would take me on a tour of the temples and explain patiently their historic, religious and cultural significance. My lifelong love for history, religion, arts and languages were ignited by his fascinating descriptions of the highlights of the temples, festivals, arts, etc.

Chidambaram Srinivasan Victorian Multicultural Commission (Melbourne)

Writer: Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu)
Writer: Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu)

Tamil Nadu is home where everything is tinged in a golden glaze,

It’s a toothless smile from a sun-kissed grandma, glimmering eyes and overflowing love,

Lush pastoral rice fields swaying in the teasing playful breeze,

It’s the twinkle of shy adolescent anklets, the ruffle of elegant Kanchipuram silk, the tinkling of eager glass bangles, 

gold jimikis dancing to the laughter of young maidens,

It’s crisp jasmine blossoms strung together by hardened steady hands, our sweet Madurai Malli,       

A scent strong enough to mask life’s greatest sorrows and sweet enough to share in the happiest memories,

It’s wisdom, guidance and unity found in our mother- tongue,                                  

It’s our ancient literature and culture and art,

It’s pride in our heritage and honouring our past and dignity in living as a true Tamizhachi at heart.

Appurva Raaj Student (Adelaide) 

Writer: Appurva (Tamil Nadu)
Writer: Appurva (Tamil Nadu)

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