Indians top the list of skilled migrants in Australia

New ABS data reveals that India has overtaken China and England as the largest source of skilled migrants

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported that India has become the leading source country for permanent migrants to Australia since 2000, with a total of 439,700 permanent migrants.

India has now overtaken China (334,900) and England (277,500).

Philippines (167,400), South Africa (118,200), and Vietnam (82,400) are also among the top sourcing countries of permanent migrants. Australia, Iraq, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka are other countries of birth in the top 10.

People born in India moving to Australia have already overtaken Chinese and New Zealanders to become Australia’s second-largest migrant group, trailing behind only England. In the 2011 census results, 337,120 Indian migrants flocked to Australia. In just 10 years after that, the number has rocketed to 710,380 people.

Founder and CEO of academically.ai Dr Akram Ahmad says the Indian education system has been known for producing a vast pool of talented and skilled STEM and Healthcare/Medical graduates every year.

“It is a robust system that emphasises a strong foundation in theoretical concepts and practical skills through its IITs /IIMs and medical colleges,” said Dr Ahmad told Indian Link.  “This has resulted in many Indian professionals becoming CEOs of top-notch Fortune 500 companies globally. However, due to various reasons, including better employment opportunities, quality of life, cultural diversity, and social acceptance, many Indian healthcare professionals are migrating to Australia through the skilled PR visa pathway.”

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The ABS report also highlights that the majority of permanent migrants are of working age, with around two-thirds being aged between 20 and 44 years old. Additionally, a significant proportion of permanent migrants hold a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, indicating the valuable contributions they can make to the Australian workforce and economy.

Brisbane-based migration expert Suman Dua of Nationwide Migration and Education says Australia has always been attractive to migrants due to the weather, employment opportunities, and pay rates, but the recent skill shortage in Australia has particularly helped Indians.

Suman Dua, Nationwide Migration and Education
Suman Dua, Nationwide Migration and Education

“Due to the recent skills shortage in Australia, the department has been inviting many skilled applicants for permanent visas. Most IT, engineering, and health occupations are in demand in Australia, and as per the available data, most invitations go to Indian nationals. In recent times, we have also seen a rise in invitations for trade occupations like Chef, motor mechanics, and carpenters,” Ms. Dua told Indian Link.

Indians also make up the largest group of skilled migrants arriving in Australia since 2000. According to the latest ABS figures, one in five skilled migrants were born in India (20%), highlighting the strong presence of Indian skilled workers in Australia’s workforce. England and China are the second and third largest source countries for skilled migrants to Australia.

ABS says 59% (1,761,000) of 3 million permanent migrants arriving in Australia since 2000 were skilled. 356,100 of them are Indians. England holds the second spot in the list with 197,300 skilled migrants, and China is at a close third rank with 196,500 skilled migrants.

Dr Ahmad notes that Australia is a popular destination for Indian professionals due to its high standard of living, excellent healthcare system, and diverse cultural environment.

Dr Akram Ahmad, Founder and CEO of academically.ai
Dr Akram Ahmad, Founder and CEO of academically.ai

“One of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare professionals migrating to Australia is the need to clear various exams and language proficiency tests,“ Dr Ahmad noted.  “Academically.ai is a one-stop solution for such professionals looking to migrate to Australia. It provides them with the necessary guidance, resources, and training to prepare for license exams and English proficiency tests. Moreover, it also offers assistance in navigating the complex PR visa application process, ensuring a smooth transition to life in Australia.”

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