Sameer Pandey is the new Lord Mayor of Parramatta

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In a momentous occasion for the City of Parramatta, Councillor Sameer Pandey has been elected as the new Lord Mayor, making history as the first person of Indian origin to hold this esteemed position. The announcement came during a City Council meeting held last night, where Councillor Pandey’s appointment was met with enthusiasm and anticipation.

The announcement came to a rejoicing community eagerly awaiting the arrival in Sydney of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

No doubt Sameer Pandey will be at the mega community reception tonight. Will he get to shake hands with the Prime Minister as Australia’s first ever Indian-origin mayor?

Will he wear his mayoral robes? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Either way, the Modi reception will be his first official role as mayor – or will it be the christening of Little India as he stands alongside Mr Modi?

Representing the Parramatta Ward, Councillor Pandey assumes leadership of one of Australia’s fastest-growing centres. Acknowledging the significance of his appointment, he expressed his gratitude and the honour he felt in being entrusted with this vital role. Parramatta, renowned for its economic prowess and vibrant community, holds immense potential as it solidifies its status as Sydney’s second CBD.

In an interview following his election, Councillor Pandey emphasised the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead for Parramatta. He described the city as the “geographical heart of Greater Sydney” and highlighted its role as a major economic powerhouse. With a palpable sense of excitement, he articulated his vision to lead Parramatta into a future brimming with possibilities.

“Parramatta is not only the best place to live in Sydney but also a magnet for diversity and vitality,” Councillor Pandey remarked. “As we forge ahead, cementing our position as Sydney’s second CBD, we embrace the unique prospects that lie within our grasp.”

The outgoing Lord Mayor, Councillor Donna Davis MP, decided to step down from her role following her successful election as the State Member for Parramatta. Despite her departure from the mayoral position, Councillor Davis MP will continue serving as a council member until the next local government elections in September 2024.
Councillor Pandey’s election represents a remarkable milestone for the City of Parramatta, showcasing its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. As a person of Indian origin, he brings a fresh perspective and a unique set of experiences to the role. His election symbolises progress and underscores the growing multicultural fabric of Australian society.

The announcement of Councillor Pandey as the new Lord Mayor has generated optimism and excitement within the local community. Community social media has been quick to congratulate the new mayor – as they closely watched Jharkhand lad and IT entrepreneur Sameer over his career in public life these past few years, admiration for him has grown steadily. Residents and stakeholders eagerly anticipate the new leadership’s plans to further enhance Parramatta’s standing as a vibrant hub and a centre of excellence.

As Councillor Pandey commences his tenure, all eyes are on the City of Parramatta. With his passion, dedication, and vision, the new Lord Mayor is poised to guide the city towards a future filled with opportunities and continued growth, solidifying its position as an essential part of Greater Sydney’s landscape.

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