REVEALED! 10 worst suburbs for mobile phone use while driving

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Officers from the Traffic & Highway Patrol in NSW have named the worst 10 suburbs for using a mobile phone while driving, with Sydney and Parramatta are topping the list.
End of financial year statistics show there were 39,007 people detected using a mobile phone while driving during the financial year – an increase of 404 when compared to last financial year.
The ten worst suburbs throughout the state for using a mobile phone while driving during the financial year were:

  1. Sydney (2042)
  2. Parramatta (1292)
  3. Waterloo (669)
  4. Edgecliff (580)
  5. Surry Hills (562)
  6. Granville (560)
  7. Auburn (499)
  8. Redfern (480)
  9. Northmead (454)
  10. Mascot (435)

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy of the state’s Traffic & Highway Patrol Command said despite the 2012 law changes in respect of mobile phone use in vehicles, drivers still continue to pose risks to themselves, their passengers and other road users.
“To have drivers with the phone up to their ears in current model vehicles that are fully bluetooth enabled, shows a complete lack of personal responsibility.
“In 2012, road rules were enabled to allow drivers to operate a phone, in an approved cradle, via a car’s bluetooth system, without having to touch the phone at all.
“To see a continued increase in mobile phone use is disappointing, and will continue to be a focus for all police, in an effort to reduce the risk to others and drive down the road toll on NSW roads.
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“When you drive while using a phone, your attention is not on the road, on other cars, pedestrians, or on other dangers and it poses a risk to everyone who uses the road.
“There is simply no excuse for it,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.
Some tips to avoid using your mobile phone illegally while driving include:

  • Use a mobile phone cradle fitted in your vehicle
  • Get Bluetooth set up or installed in your vehicle
  • Keep your phone out of reach – try the boot
  • Just wait until you park – is it really that urgent?
  • Put your phone on silent
  • Get a passenger to answer your messages/calls
  • Tell others not to call or text you when you’re driving
  • Put your phone on flight mode
  • Switch off some of your notifications

Divert your calls to voicemail, and/or
Pull over when and where it’s safe and legal to do so
Source: http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/news/latest_releases?sq_content_src=%2BdXJsPWh0dHBzJTNBJTJGJTJGZWJpenByZC5wb2xpY2UubnN3Lmdvdi5hdSUyRm1lZGlhJTJGNjQ5MTkuaHRtbCZhbGw9MQ%3D%3D

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