Reuniting Indian families: Gaura Travel announces charter flights to SYD/MELB

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Uniting stranded Indians with their families has been a major priority for Gaura Travel since COVID-19 struck last year.

“In the last year, we have approximately reunited 12,000 people with their loved ones,” Ashwini Sonthalia, Managing Director of Gaura Travel told Indian Link. “To date, have completed 66 charters flights including two arriving today in Melbourne and Sydney.”

The reputed travel agency has been in the business for 14 years and remains the only one (aside from the Australian government’s direct Qantas flights) to withstand the ups and downs of the pandemic and continue to charter flights from India into Australia regardless of restrictions .

“We have been fully operational throughout this whole pandemic, even during lockdown we have 24/7 call centres in India. When we began charters last year, there were other players but soon they all withered, including India’s national carrier Air India that stopped its charters,” Ashwini said.

“Gaura Travel customers can rely on our support whenever they need it,” he added.

Passengers waiting to board their flights to Australia.
Gaura Travel passengers waiting boarding their flights to Australia. Image supplied

With special permissions and careful cooperation with Australian, Indian, and Sri Lankan governments, Gaura Travel have been able to arrange more charter flights for the month of August.

“There are lots of hoops, approvals, and complications to manage,” Ashwini revealed. “But after spending about a month on getting these requests approved, 20 flights from India have already touched down in Sydney and Melbourne via Colombo since July.”

The agency even offers advance services for their customers in India who can check into special hotel lounges a day before their flight to avoid hassle, and with all their needs taken care of. They also have arrangements for reliable connecting flights to Chennai, where all the charters will be departing for Australia.

“We have always put the customer first,” Ashwini proudly pointed out.

The friendly and reliable people over at Gaura have made the effort to ensure comfort, clarity, and value for money for anyone who is stranded in India looking to travel urgently.

Since local COVID outbreaks have restricted the number of passengers arriving in Australia, charter flights will accomodate only 20-25 passengers per trip.The airfare for these charters is $6,999 AUD per passenger, considering carriers will be flying with lesser people onboard.

All seats in the flights will be business class with an attractive allowance of 50 kg check-in luggage and passengers will have business class dining and entertainment available to them.

However, the airfare will not cover any quarantine costs passengers will incur once they arrive in Australia.

Many of Gaura Travels’s customers are separated couples, stranded professors and businessmen who are impatient to get back to work.

At Chennai international airport, passengers were eager to share their experience with the agency before leaving for Australia.

“It’s a wonderful experience. They were with me every step of the way, from the booking to the hotel and the flight, I don’t have to worry about anything,” a returning businessman revealed.

“At the moment, only you guys are taking people home in the month August. You’re doing a great job,” one traveller said with relief.

Gaura Travel have announced 2 flights from India every Monday flying into Sydney and Melbourne until the end of August. They are also looking to do more charter flights in September and October.

For more information regarding charter flights visit Gaura Travel’s website here – gauratravel.com.au


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