Pt Jatinkumar Bhatt’s Holi message 2021

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Trust Pandit Jatinkumar Bhatt to bring this to our attention: that the date of ease of restrictions in NSW, 29 March, coincides with the Hindu Festival of Holi.

The much-loved and highly regarded priest of SriMandir temple at Auburn NSW, sends out his Holi sermon via Indian Link in this video.

In it, Pt Bhatt in his characteristic style of oratory, articulates the true significance of the festival. He relates it using the mythological tale of the devout young Prahlad, who was put to fire by his demon father Hiranyakashipu, alongside his aunt Holika. Holika had a special garment that prevented her from being harmed by fire. But such was the devotion of Prahlad that he survived the pyre while Holika succumbed herself.

The Holi bonfire is lit annually to retell this tale of goodness triumphing over evil.

“Many such Holikas (temptations) will fall in your path,” he says here. “Use your gyanindriya (capacity for knowledge) to conquer them.”

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