Praveen Kumar

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Praveen Kumar is a North-West Ward candidate for Moreland City Council

A bit about Praveen Kumar

Personal: Two decades ago, I migrated to Australia as an international student and have been proud to call Moreland home ever since. 

Professional: I have graduated with a degree in IT and have worked in several senior roles in Retail and IT sectors before I started a small business nearly a decade ago. I am an active member of the ALP and was elected as a State Conference delegate in 2019.  Currently, I am contesting as a Labor endorsed candidate for the upcoming Moreland City Council elections

The reason I’m standing for council elections

Moreland has been a great place to live and raise my children -but I am confident that it can be better. Moreland needs councillors who are involved in our local community and who understand the needs of the local residents. The punitive measures adopted by the current council made me stand up as we need the council working for the people again.

Why people should vote for me

People should vote on the merits of the policy that I am standing to deliver for my community. As a local resident of Moreland who have been involved in a number of  Community and Sporting groups I understand the needs of my community better. I also have the skills and expertise to fulfil my role as councillor.

My contribution to the community

Apart from my professional endeavours , I have been very fortunate to be involved in a number of community and sporting groups: including the Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Pascoe Vale United Cricket Club, Hope Centre and Glenroy West Kindergarten.  I have also been a proud Multicultural Ambassador for a variety of events and organisations, including the M festival, Gold Coast Common Wealth Games and Melbourne Stars Twenty20 team

If elected, my post-pandemic key goals will be to

  • Promote local economic recovery (assists small businesses through new grants, local jobs programs, and support to adopt COVID-safe measures)
  • Advocate for services that families rely on (we need more funding for local childcare, maternal health services, and quality aged care)
  • Support safety and security through improved lighting and CCTV where required and implement localised programs to curb family violence

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