Pawan and Rajni in Daily Telegraph’s Top 25

A note from our founders Pawan Luthra and Rajni Anand Luthra

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An incredible honour to be included in The Daily Telegraph’s Top 25 Indian-Australians list.

This is exactly what we’ve been about at Indian Link, for these past 30 years. To put it out there that Indian-Australians are great contributors to Australia – enthusiastic, committed, resourceful and proactive. Pawan and Rajni

Congratulations to all that made it to Matt Benz’s list: you are all of the above, and more.

Having observed the community for so long, we know of course that the list could be much longer, and probably deserves addendum in future iterations. While this list includes names from a variety of professional endeavours – in government, business, medicine, scientific research, sport, new media – we are certain that future lists will see others in more unconventional fields, such as creative writing, popular culture, performing arts.

For a mainstream publication such as The Daily Telegraph to be studying our community at such close quarters, is a mark of the impact we have been making in Australian life, and the promise of the impact we could be making towards Australia-India relations and the potential benefits that could ensue for both the nations we call home.  Pawan and Rajni

We said  ‘incredible‘ at the beginning – and that’s how we truly feel.  It takes us back to our beginning – when we started with the most basic of resources. And that’s why,  unlike many on this week’s  list, we reckon we’re a bit different: most are there on the dint of their own undeniable talent and brilliance, whereas we’re there on the backs of a large bunch of people, whose work has helped build Indian Link up to the stature it has reached today. You each know who you are: from our small core team, large cohort of contributors, and collaborative partners and advertisers. Thank you, and let’s keep the momentum going. Daily Telegraph’s Top 25

Read the full list here: NSW’s 25 most powerful and influential Indian Australians

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