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Both inside and outside the classroom, Term 1 of Year 7 is full of ‘firsts’ 

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Term 1 is nearly over already! I feel like school is finally finding a place for me.

What were the highlights of this term? Oh yes, camp! Unfortunately for me, I was sick two days before the start of camp and had to take time off school. I was considering staying home and missing out, but on second thoughts, why would I want to miss out on my first high school camp? I got out of bed and decided, yes I am going!
Before I knew it I was boarding the bus to travel all the way to the Illawarra. When we finally reached our destination (which seemed like it took forever), my feet walked on the camp grounds and I knew I’d made the right choice. We were challenged in many ways such as pitching tents and cooking our dinner but we did it and actually enjoyed working together in teams.
I also made it through the activities – surfing, kayaking and bush walking, which I’m glad now were not optional. When I returned home, after what felt like eternity, I cannot explain how happy I was to see my Mum and Dad.
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The swimming carnival was the next big event. A lot surely has happened!

I think you may remember that our house’s dress up theme was The Wiggles? I enjoyed dressing up and cheering loudly for my house… and the swimming of course. I think we had the best synchronised swimming dance. The Year 12’s were in charge of the activities for each house. I enjoyed watching each house perform according to their themes and there was even a Bollywood!
A few days later they announced the winners. Our house didn’t win but we won the synchronised swimming!
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Friendships haven’t been so hard but were slower than I imagined.

Since I play sport, I made friends through that and I’m lucky that most of my friends have the same classes too.
I am quite happy with my friendship circle. My impressions from when I first met them compared to now are really different now that I know them better. Perceptions change.
I feel like sport is taken much more seriously than in primary school. The games take up my weekend time but I enjoy playing sport as it helps you build strong friendships, sporting spirit and you get to know your teammates.
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Did I ever mention that my alarm buzzes at 5.30am? Yep, 5.30!

It takes a really long time to get used to the routine. All the homework and the train journeys and especially organising your time correctly. Organising and prioritising is an important skill for high school. I am getting used to it though. You realise that sleep and relaxation is so much more valuable than it was in primary school.
Whenever I get the chance to sleep in I feel like it’s the best thing ever!!!

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