Moti Visa

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Moti Visa is a candidate for Melbourne City Council

The reason Moti Visa is standing for council elections

There is still a lack of representation of people from Indian origin in politics of Australia.

In 2012 I was among the first few from Indian background to contest as a Councillor from City of Melbourne. Since then the numbers are gradually increasing. In 2014 Victorian State elections there were about 10 Indian origin candidates and in 2016 Council elections there were more than 50 contestants from Indian origin.

I actively encourage youngsters to get involved in Australian politics rather that Indian politics if they are citizens of Australia. There are many politically engaged groups affiliated to Indian parties like BJP, Congress and AAP, however, I believe that migrants should provide equal input to this country.

That is why I decided to get involved in Australian Politics and serve the nation I live in.

Why people should vote for me

I have lived in Melbourne since 1983 and in all these years I have been involved in a lot of community service. I have organised major events to unite Indian Diaspora so that we can live in peace and harmony in Australia. I also believe in preserving our Indian heritage and inculcating its cultural values in the next generation. 

People should vote for me because I have the experience and desire to work more for the community through the Council.

My contribution to the community

To serve the community is my passion. I was one of the pioneers of organising multicultural festivals in Melbourne like Diwali and Holi.

I continue to help International students that arrive in Melbourne in various ways. In 2009-10 during a challenging phase for Indian students I offered free pick up and drop off to their homes irrespective of distance. I travelled far to support students who were working late shifts at 7Eleven, Petrol Stations in order to ensure their safety.

  • I have been involved with Management committees of various Indian Associations as President, Vice President and Secretary.
  • I am currently the Director of GHARS (Global Hindu Associations for Reform and Sustainable Societies). We serve the community by organising Webinars on Health and Wellbeing, Yoga and Gita Classes during the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • I have also served as a JP (Justice of peace) for over a decade supporting not only the Indian community but the mainstream community. 

If elected, my post-pandemic key goals will be to

  • Push to bring businesses back. I am part of Jennifer Yang’s team and our motto is “Back to Business” in the city of Melbourne. At the moment City of Melbourne is like a ghost town.
  • Oppose the Injection room proposed by State Government near Victoria Market even if it means taking legal action. Victoria market is International Tourist place and we don’t want to spoil the reputation of the City of Melbourne.
  • Make sure that the rates are cut by 10%

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