Model, actor… and change agent

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Mr Melbourne launches new organisation to encourage social change, writes RAVI SINGH

Mr Melbourne Australasia 2013 Puneet Gulati recently officially launched his not-for-profit organisation One World Family (OWF).

The launch took place at his residence, with prominent figures including Assistant Commissioner of Police Victoria Mr Andrew Crisp and Director of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Senior Sergeant Mr Rudy Monteleone in attendance.

The concept of OWF focuses on raising awareness of issues through visual mediums. Projects are filmed in documentary form and presented to the world through a Webisode posted on OWF’s YouTube channel. The documentaries aim to make people think about the power of the common man and his ability to do something special for the community.

OWF’s first project ‘Hope to Homeless’ aims to better the lives of homeless people and raise awareness of the increasing prominence of homelessness, particularly in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne.

‘Hope for Homeless’ has already made an impact by providing a makeover for a homeless man, sponsored by Penny’s Salon in Box Hill. The man was then given private accommodation and work so that he could earn money and start a new life.

Mr Andrew Crisp said he is impressed with the organisation’s focus on homelessness, as it is a difficult issue for police to deal with and is always prioritised in order to keep homeless people safe.

OWF plans to further the organisation’s impact by raising awareness of a broader range of issues from violence related causes to environmental concerns. Their main objective is to empower people to influencing change. If OWF can do it, so can they.

OWF will maintain the Webisode and visual media strategy. They strongly believe that visual media, along with the vision of OWF, has greater power to impact viewers. Audiences can learn from both the good and the bad by watching responses to situations surrounding an issue.

OWF hopes to gain the support and sponsorships of local and international businesses to enhance their cause. Being a not-for-profit, they also rely heavily on public donations and support.

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