Kiddy Diwali

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Celebrating the Festival of Lights at preschool helps DRISHYA SHARMA’s daughter feel more comfortable with her culture

It’s been almost eight years since we moved to Sydney. Like every other Indian family, we miss home especially during the festive times. Living in the inner west suburb of Five Dock, in Sydney, you don’t get to see much Indian population, let alone any enthusiasm for the festive season.
We always used to run to the western suburbs to get our dose of cultural activities. Sometimes we managed, but mostly it was hard.
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So, last year, I decided to celebrate and share this part of our culture with our friends and neighbours in the local suburb.
I started with celebrating Diwali in my daughter’s preschool, and it was a big success!
The kids and educators enjoyed learning about why we celebrate Diwali, its significance and relevance, not to mention the fun parts of making rangoli, applying henna, lighting diyas and enjoying the sweets. Everyone was excited about getting dressed up in saris and lehengas and dancing to Bollywood songs.
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All of us had a lovely time, learning and appreciating different cultures. The best part of the entire experience was to see my daughter getting more and more comfortable in the environment when her friends were all dressed up like her.
So, this year I again decided to host a Diwali party at her preschool and we had a fun and colourful day. I would especially like to thank all the educators at Kiddies on First in Five Dock for encouraging a more inclusive society where young minds can see and learn about different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. After all, we live in a world where religious and cultural intolerance still exists. As parents and teachers we need to educate kids about respecting different cultures so that their future is filled with peace and harmony.
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Here are some pictures from our little party. Hope you enjoy them.
May this Diwali add lots of sparkles of joy to your life. Let’s all pray for a peaceful future for our kids. Happy Diwali to everyone!
Like many others, a proud Indian mum.

What we like about Diwali

* Sparklers and fireworks

* The burning of Raavan

* Flower rangoli

* Lighting candles and diyas

* Getting presents from the family

* Plucking leaves from the mango tree in the backyard

* Turning on all the lights in the house

* Arranging the statues of the gods and goddesses and the puja plate things

* Putting money in the puja plate

* Yummy burfi

* Diwali smell (incense)

* Decorating the house

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