Kabaddi kabaddi!

An indigenous game from India is feature event at sports meet


The second annual Punjabi Sports event took place in early November at Calista. Sports and activities included Kabaddi, Volleyball, Tug O’War, Bhangra, Musical Chairs and Potato Sack and Spoon Races, so there was something for all the family.


The free event held at Calista Oval meant there was plenty of room for crowds to watch the feature event in the late afternoon which was the Kabiddi. Soon after everyone’s attention turned to the stage for Bhangra.


A dramatic, thunder and lightning storm resulted in a quick intermission where speakers were waterproofed, instruments covered, tents erected and the dancing allowed to continue only stopping to watch the spectacular fireworks.

There were a large number of stall holders present, amongst them a generous offering from the Bertram Punjabi Club that organises the Punjabi Sports Day:  free water, tea and fruit for everyone who attended.


“This is our biggest event of the year. We have over 2000 people attend. Next year we feel we will grow even more and have more performances and activities,” said Prabhjeet Singh Makkar one of the members heavily involved in the day.



And what do they hope to achieve by showcasing Punjabi culture? “It is a multicultural event to help bring the community together. Here we can share the traditions, rituals, sports and music that we value. Next year we will have more people participate in it to share their performances with the audience.”