Jasnoor Kaur, 14, is a Young Archie finalist

The budding artist pens her dad down as her muse for her artwork in the Young Archies competition this year.

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In a remarkable display of young talent, Jasnoor Kaur has been named a finalist in the prestigious Young Archie competition by the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This competition showcases the artistic prowess of young minds, and Jasnoor’s painting, inspired by her father, stands out for its emotional depth and vibrant execution.

Inspired by the renowned Archibald Prize, the Young Archie prize is aimed at encouraging children towards portraiture. Awards are given across different year categories for the best portrait of a person,  which must depict someone personally known to the student, ensuring a genuine and intimate connection in the artwork.

Jasnoor Kaur
A portrait of her father, Harpreet Singh, titled “Tranquility” | Source: Art Gallery of NSW

Dad as muse: The story behind Jasnoor’s painting

When Jasnoor Kaur, 14, revealed to her father that he was the inspiration behind her artwork, his reaction was nothing short of heartwarming. “He was so happy,” she shares with a smile. “And mum agreed with me, she wasn’t offended at all” The painting, predominantly blue, was designed to evoke a sense of peace and reflection. “I wanted it to have a peaceful mood, so when you look at it, you think of your own dads,” Jasnoor explains.

Choosing blue was no accident for Jasnoor. “It’s my favourite colour, and I find it very peaceful,” she reveals. This choice added a layer of calmness to the piece, aligning perfectly with the tranquil message she aimed to convey. Her meticulous use of coloured pencils brought this vision to life, especially considering the challenges she faced. “The hair was the hardest part because there was a lot to do,” she admits, reflecting on the three weeks she dedicated to this project, working an hour each day.

The Year 8 student at Hurlstone Agriculture High School in Sydney feels that her work is much more than a tribute to her father, it’s a window into her cultural and personal experiences. “The turban and shawl my dad was wearing came from our personal and cultural context, which I also wanted to show,” she explains. Her solitary work environment, her room, provided the perfect setting for introspection and creativity.

Jasnoor’s journey in art began so early that she doesn’t even remember when she started. Transitioning from cartoons, which she felt she wasn’t good at, to realism, she has found her true calling. Influenced by movies and animations, Jasnoor’s love for hyper-realistic art and nature photography continues to shape her style. “I don’t really have a specific person I look up to but I get easily impressed by anyone who can draw hyper-realistic things,” she says, admiring the skill involved.

Artwork by Jasnoor Kaur (Source: Supplied)

With a possible future in animation, Jasnoor’s artistic journey is just beginning. She is already gearing up for her next challenge – another competition, Fishers Kids by Campbelltown Art Centre.  Her excitement is palpable as she talks about the potential projects and themes she hopes to explore.

Having her work displayed in the Young Archie competition is a dream come true for Jasnoor. “I’m really excited and I would love to take my friends and family to see it,” she says enthusiastically. Her hope for viewers is simple yet profound: “I want them to feel comforted because I found that people usually find their dads comforting as a source of protection, just like me.”

As Jasnoor continues to hone her craft, she carries with her not only the support of her proud parents but also the inspiration and warmth that comes from her close-knit family. And who knows? With such talent and dedication, the world might soon see her name in the credits of an animated feature or gracing the walls of more prestigious galleries. For now, Jasnoor Kaur’s painting remains a beautiful testament to the bond between a father and daughter, captured through the eyes of a young artist with a promising future.

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