India’s Bira 91 scores big at European Beer Challenge 2020

They won in five categories, competing with beers from almost 40 countries.

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Indian beer brand Bira 91 has won five medals across categories at the European Beer Challenge 2020.

The Bira 91 Indian Pale, an ode to contemporary India’s love for experimentation and flavour brewed with Pomelo, won a double gold medal.

The Blonde Summer Lager won a gold in the lager category.

The Bira 91 Boom Strong won a silver, and their flagship wheat beer Bira 91 White received the bronze, along with a bronze for the cologne-koelsch style Boom Classic.

“We at Bira 91 are immensely proud of this moment of having represented India at a global platform and being recognized for our flavourful beers. I would like to congratulate the Bira 91 family and our world-class brewing team for achieving heights and putting us on the world map for beers,” said Ankur Jain, Founder & CEO, Bira 91.

As explained by Deepak Sinha, VP, Marketing at Bira 91, the beer challenge uses a Triple Blind Tasting Method.

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european beer challenge
Source: European Beer Challenge.

“(Judges) cannot see the bottle. They do not know what country it is from. They have no indication of price point. Plus, they do not discuss their thoughts together. This means that winning a European Beer Challenge 2020, with not one but across 5 of our beers is a HUGE honour. This is an exciting moment for the brand and all our consumers,” he said.

The judging panel comprises top retailers, importers, wholesalers, and distributors of beer across Europe. This year, thousands of samples from 39 countries fought head-to-head for the top prize.

Held annually in London, the European Beer Challenge accepts beers from around the world across numerous categories such as an Australian IPA, Belgian blonde ale, Berliner Weisse, dry stout, Hefeweizen, Czech Pilsner, Vienna Lager, and many more. It even accounts for gluten free, alcohol beer, and organic beer.


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