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Indians in Oz

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The FAQs that make us love our Facebook community groups

Need to know where to get the best dosa batter in Sydney? Or want to buy/sell furniture? Diagnose those strange looking rashes on your baby’s tummy? Or maybe need a job?
From food and moving houses to job leads and dadi ma ke nuskhe, Indian community Facebook groups have you covered. Here are some FAQs and frequent posts that have us in splits and some that just have us go “Huh?”
Indians in Perth
Can I do my own cleaning at end-of-lease?
Know any good cleaning service?
Looking for cleaner for end-of-lease cleaning.
Anybody travelling from Ahmedabad? I need some medication.
Anyone travelling from Chandigarh – let me know so I can book my parents’ tickets on the same day.
My folks are visiting – what do I do for health insurance? (Buy one?)
Looking for any kind of job – cooking, cleaning, ironing babysitting – no job since I arrived here five months ago.
Indians in Melbourne
Looking for accommodation – I’m a single girl arriving in Melbourne on Friday (Most common query after job hunt)
Anyone have a cheap car for sale?
Furniture removal service, please recommend?
Seeking room for rent
Have an apartment for rent (25 pics attached)
How do I apply for post study work visa?
Looking for landscaping company.
Looking for Indian style jet toilet
Looking for job: Oracle database professional, SQL, AWS and Qlikview BI.
We are hiring: seeking Oracle database professionals, SQL, AWS and Qlikview BI.
Toyota Camry for sale. Only 15 years old. (And it was second-hand when we bought it too)
Which solar system is good? (Er, the one we live in?)
Studying XX course. Want to change to YY. Pls advise. (Lucky if you get one legit response)
Anybody install curtains?
Any good dosa caterers?
Any online sites to watch live cricket? (Cue a flood of posts/ads promoting local operators who provide live feed of Indian TV channels)
Indian Mums in Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane
I want to buy this product (XYZ shapewear), any recommendations? (170 replies)
I want to buy this product (ABC kitchenware), any recommendations? (200 replies)
I want to buy Rotimatic – reasonable price – any suggestions? (‘reasonable’ is Indian-speak for cheapest possible) (150 replies)
Where can I buy kurtis/velvet sari blouse/lehenga/Indian outfits for my kids (50 replies – all spruiking their own home-based business that they run after hours or on weekends)
Does anyone else feel good when you get home and unhook your bra? (800 replies, plenty of emojis)
Anonymous post: I’m having such-and-such problem with my husband. (200 replies: 100 saying ‘He’s an ass**le you need to get out of the marriage call me I’m a counsellor’, 100 saying ‘Don’t be so ungrateful learn to support him think of your kids’)
Look, I made this paneer dish for dinner. (500 likes, some asking for recipe)
My lovelies, I wrote this poem today. (Attach senseless drivel) (900 likes, a lot of GIFs, some replies that are also poems)
My baby has a skin rash (attach sickening pic), someone tell me what to do. (Er, maybe take him to doctor?) 50 replies (apply cucumber juice; wash with chandan; put multani mitti; say this mantra 25 times)
In-laws are visiting: which Indian TV should I subscribe to? (so they won’t pester me)
Looking for caterers for dinner party – reasonable price (Translation: I want cheap food that tastes like Michelin star level food)
Good lady doctor in Westmead/Blacktown/Harris Park/Quakers Hill/Altona/Point Cook/Truganina/Wyndham
Want to start kitty group in Westmead/Blacktown/Harris Park/Quakers Hill/ Altona/Point Cook/Truganina/Wyndham
Does anyone else miss Hindi TV soaps? (200 replies, many discussing plots)
Birthday party ideas for 5-year-old?
Eggless cake/halal cake??
Please help with this problem in today’s maths homework, Year 5.
BUT SERIOUSLY, Facebook communities, thank you for doing such a great job. Please don’t block us because we wrote this. How else will we know how to make home-made dahi like back home in India, see your pics of autumn leaves (which you like to call “fall”), discuss options for our kids’ schooling, and hear your opinion on why Abhinandan’s moustache is such a big hit?
With contributions from Indian Linkers in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide.

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