Indian judge issues Sydney-based woman with contempt of court

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Sydney-based woman Anita Kumari Gupta has been issued with a notice for contempt of court after an Indian judge said she made “derogatory remarks” during a video conference hearing.

Justice Neena Bansal Krishna has also directed the immigration office to impound Ms Gupta’s passport on arrival in the country.

During the video conference, Ms Gupta was ordered to appear in person before the High Court of Delhi on 16 April for final arguments of a hearing.

Justice Krishna said Ms Gupta had “abused the Court” after the date was scheduled and item number 11 on the agenda was taken up for discussion.

“How could item no. 11 be taken before item no. 10,” Ms Gupta told the court.

“Ye saali kya kar rahi hai (What is this b**** doing), what the f*** is going on in this court”.

Justice Krishna wrote that ‘suo moto’ – a Latin term for ‘on its own motion’ – contempt proceedings have been initiated in light of “such derogatory remarks lowering the dignity of the Court”.

“Such aforesaid derogatory remarks made by the plaintiff/Anita Kumari Gupta to denigrate the Court are patently contemptuous and show the complete disregard to the dignity of the Court, despite the fact that the counsels representing respective parties were present and had agreed to the date given for final arguments,” Justice Krishna said.

The Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) has been ordered to impound Ms Gupta’s passport and visa on arrival.

Justice Krishna has also directed the FRRO not to allow Ms Gupta to leave the country without the direction of the Delhi High Court.

Ms Gupta’s lawyer has been told to communicate this order to her.

The High Commission of India in Canberra has also been directed to convey the order through the Consulate General of India in Sydney.

Ms Gupta has been issued a show cause notice which will allow her to tell her side of the story and explain why she should not be punished under India’s 1971 Contempt of Courts Act.

She is due to appear before the Delhi High Court on 16 April 2024 for final arguments.

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Nadine Silva
Nadine Silva
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