New Indian crop – ‘kumkum’ okra

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A new red variety of okra, aptly known as ‘Kumkum Bhindi’, is a wonder crop grown in Uttar Pradesh that is expected to double farmers’ income.

According to agriculture experts, ‘Kumkum Bhindi’ has 94 per cent polyunsaturated fat which reduces bad cholesterol. Along with it, its 66 per cent sodium content is helpful in controlling high blood pressure, while its 21 per cent iron reduces the chances of anaemia and 5 per cent amount of protein keeps the body’s metabolic system in order.

Umesh Saini, a resident of Anwarpur in Hapur, and Murli from Rampurbeh in Sitapur are happy with the cultivation of red okra.

“Everyone in the village is now thinking about increasing the area under its cultivation this season,” Saini said.

According to Bijendra Singh, Vice Chancellor of Acharya Narendra Dev University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Ayodhya, this red variety of okra contains anthocyanins and phenolics that increase its nutritional value.

The crude fibre present in it controls sugar. It also contains a large amount of vitamin B complex.

The ideal time for sowing Kumkum Bhindi starts from February to the second week of April. It can also be sown somewhere around November, the growth will be less in December-January, but fruits will start coming from February, which will be available till November. The prices of early crops are also good.

In the wholesale market, the price of green okra ranges between Rs 12 to 15 per kg, while red okra is sold at the rate of Rs 45 to Rs 80 per kg since people are looking at it like a superfood.


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