I’m a big kid now

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Little ones tell us what they’ve enjoyed most about starting school

Vansh Joshi

School.Indian Link

“I like my new lunchbox.”

Darcy Road Public School
Wentworthville, NSW

Sai Attam (Happy)

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“The teacher Mrs O taught us a song about the rules we have to follow:

Eyes are watching
Ears are listening
Mouths are zipped
Mouths are zipped
Hands are stiff
Feet are calm
Whole body listening
Whole body listening!

Oonoomba State School
Idalia, QLD

Aryan Veer Singh

“I have new best friends now. I want to play with them every day.”

Altona Primary School
Altona, VIC

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Yana Jindal

School.Indian Link

“I’ve got new stuff – uniform, shoes, hat and bag.”

Wyndham Vale Primary School
Wyndham Vale, VIC

Ayaan Gupta

Mum: This is where your lunch box is, and your snack box, and your fruit…

Ayaan: I’m not forgetful like you, Mum, you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.

Good News Lutheran College
Tarneit, VIC 

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Arjundeep Kohli

“I made four friends today.  I love my new school.”

Penrith Public School
Penrith, NSW

School.Indian Link

Avishka Wakhare

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“I liked the coronation ceremony on Day 1.” (The school made crowns for all the kindy kids).

Haberfield Public School
Haberfield, NSW


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