My High school life

It’s the last term of school, and the last edition of this column

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OMG, where has 2017 gone?! This last term of school has been more of Year 8 than Year 7, in preparation for next year. Many important things have happened in the past month. Such as another camp (a different type!), more assessments, and getting used to new timetables.
School.Indian LinkA few weeks ago, my Mum and I went to Mother Daughter camp. There were many bonding exercises and it was a great time for some downtime – well, sort of! It all started from getting to place called Tallong. We reached at around 7:30pm on a Friday. We ate surprisingly amazing camp dinner and listened to another few mothers and daughters giving speeches. Then we chose from a bunch of activities for each of the 3 sessions, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. I picked bush art, low ropes and cooking. When we walked into our cabins for the night I felt like this wasn’t camping – the cabins were spacious and wide. There were a lot of bunk-beds spaced out in the room for lots of mothers and daughters to sleep in. The next day we ate scrumptious breakfast (seriously, is this really camp?) wonderfully made by the cook, Jeff. Then it was time to start our first activity. We walked deep down into the bush with some others in our little group and one of the camp coordinators, Ally. In my head I was a bit confused, and I asked myself, how is this bush art? Later, deeper in the bush, Ally told us to collect as many bush things as possible, and handed each mother-daughter pair a giant plastic bag. We picked many pretty leaves and twigs. When we reached a grassy area with a sort of flat surface, she told us to use our collection to make a depiction about our family. It really touched everyone’s heart while listening to other families’ stories. As the day progressed we did low ropes but first some problem solving. The instructor gave us many tasks that everyone had to complete as a team. One of them was a mums vs. daughters activity: the mums won, but mainly because us daughters couldn’t focus as we laughed uncontrollably! After Saturday night’s dinner we went to a bonfire (finally it sounds like camp)! We toasted some delicious s’mores and then headed our way back to the cabins. The next day we cooked scones, and then it was time to say good-bye. It was a great experience and I really loved those s’mores!
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Another thing that was quite significant this term was getting used to new timetables. For me, I thought it wasn’t so bad since I had to do the same thing for Year 7. Our new technology project is to make customised pyjamas for ourselves. I can’t wait to work on the sewing machine and make the cutest jammies ever!
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As sad as it sounds, this is my last diary for the year. It has been really great to share all my first high school experiences with you and I can’t wait to see what else there is in this journey. So, if you’re going to high school next year or anytime soon, I hope my experiences help you in prepping for this big step! It was daunting for me as I reflect back on that first day too, but you do get used to it. So, keep calm and enjoy high school life!                                       

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