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Holiday to-do list, welcoming Lord Ganesha… and making my own USB case!

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Sometimes I think that time is plotting against me because the last time I checked I was at the start of year 7 and now I’m nearly at the end.

This term many cool things – and some not so cool things – happened. But I’m relieved I don’t have to think of school right this minute because it’s the holidays!
These holidays, we’ve planned a big list of things to do to keep me busy because although the school holidays are amazing, they are not so amazing if you have nothing to do.
Mum’s been on a mission to look for meaningful activities that will be good learning experiences for me. One major thing I’ve been planning to do is focus on art. We found a few interesting art competitions that I’m looking forward to enter. I’m also interested in trying out some voluntary activities run by our local Council, depending on the minimum age requirement. I’ve roped in mum to be my companion if I can’t do them alone.
Sadly, I couldn’t participate in ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ earlier this year. This is something I’ve always been keen to be a part of.
The next activity on my list is a two-day public speaking course. My parents think this is important because I am generally known as a shy girl and I get super nervous before doing things solo in front of heaps of people. That’s why I’m interested to see how this course can help me.

Sounds real busy, right? But apart from all the activities I’m going to participate in the holidays, I am also going to allow for some downtime, just thinking of the downtime makes me happy! I really need this because the last few weeks of term 3 were incredibly busy. I felt like I was waking up in the morning and diving straight into tests, assignments and even oral exams, and there was no time to breathe! I am really looking forward to some days of nothingness now.
I learnt a lot since the past month. Even though it was mainly studying, there was a lot to take in. A significant thing was learning to balance my study life with my social life. This happened because my family has a festival of ten days for Lord Ganesha. Every evening, we invited guests to take blessings and eat prasad or sanctified food.
This was happening and behind the scenes there was me who was trying my best to be there to take blessings and meet everyone and at the same time juggling to finish that history homework.

There were some ups and downs but I made it to the end and all my load of work was gradually tapering off. My favourite project to work on this term was designing and making a USB case. I made a ‘doggy bone’ by using a software called 123D design. After I completed my case, it was printed on a 3D printer and I can’t explain how happy I was to hold the case in my hands and start using it!
Nerd word:

During history, I learnt many new words because we were studying ancient China and one of those words was ‘dynasty.’ I came across this word when I was studying the first Chinese emperor: Qin Shi Huang Di. Many other emperors ruled and they set dynasties after their names. A dynasty is a line of rulers that rule a country. So the Dynasty Qin Shi Huang Di ruled was called the Qin dynasty.

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