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It’s one of the longest election campaigns in 50 years, but the 2016 federal election looks to be a war of attrition and competing ideologies as parties attempt to woo swinging voters under the constant scrutiny of the media.
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Witnesses to the entire hullabaloo are the Indian voters, many of them migrants with no particular affinity to any party or sentiment, falling in the category of swinging voters. They seek to cut through the rhetoric and analyse the underlying issues in order to make an informed decision.
General elections are held every three years to elect 150 members of the House of Representatives which stand for an electoral division within a state or territory. Candidates for the Senate stand for an entire state or territory. There are a total of 76 Senators: 12 for each state and two for each territory. When a Double Dissolution election is declared, all 76 positions are made vacant.
Indian Link spoke to candidates Tasmanian Senator Lisa Singh (ALP), Dr Desmond Soares (NXT, QLD) and Allan Thomas (JLN, NSW) about what they hope to achieve if elected as representatives of the people.
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