Chennai developer's app wins Apple design award

Calzy can help you perform day-to-day mathematical calculations in a more elegant way

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A Chennai-based developer has won a design award for his app Calzy 3 at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018. Developed by Raja Vijayaraman, Calzy 3 is a highly customisable calculator that uses iOS technologies to offer features like Multitasking, Face ID and Touch ID.


“This helps privately viewed saved history and bookmarks, Drag & Drop to share results in other apps, iMessage integration, Spotlight search for bookmarked results, iCloud Sync and Handoff, to help you perform day-to-day mathematical calculations in a more elegant way,” Apple said.
“Today people across 150+ countries use my apps and I just received an Apple Design Award. Thanks to Apple’s @AppStore and huge shout out to Apple community for being passionate, inspiring and helpful,” Vijayaraman tweeted on Wednesday.
“When I started this journey five years back, I had no contacts, zero experience selling software, no college degree on programming and UI/UX designing. The only assets I had were an understanding family and a friend, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and some passion to do apps,” he added.

One of Calzy’s novel features is Memory Area, where you can store multiple numerical values and reuse it across multiple calculating sessions with a simple drag and drop interaction. It also has a unique bookmarking feature where you can save any of your calculations with a date and title for your future reference. It can also spell out the calculation result in English and 65 other languages.
The Apple Design Awards recognise the creative artistry and technical achievements of developers who reflect the best in design, innovation and technology on Apple platforms.

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