Shiva’s boon

The power of prayer and faith manifests itself into reality for the true believer in this spiritual short story by RANI JHALA

Empowerment and the Tagore women

Women of the famed literary Bengali family were harbingers of change in their own right, writes MADHUSREE CHATTERJEE

Get your arty back into it!

HSC 2012 Visual Art student Tanaya Deshpande aims her lens at India. RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA reports   India, it is said, is an amazing place for photography. For budding Sydney photographer Tanaya Deshpande, her native India...

Mr Darcy dreaming…

Jane Austen would applaud a turn of events that moves from fiction to reality. A short story by RANI JHALA   Last year I turned thirty. I was unmarried and worse, had no prospect of...

A true Aussie ambassador

USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND on film-maker Anupam Sharma, named Australia Day Ambassador this year

One thousand images

Sculptor Anish Kapoor’s themes of fluidity and formlessness serve to compel and confound, writes PRIYA CHIDAMBARANATHAN                                   Enter the gallery on level 3 at the Museum of Contemporary Art and you feel like you have stepped into...

Kalki returns as an avenging angel

A racy new thriller travels back and forth in time from Krishna’s Vrindavan to modern-day Delhi, exploring the myth of Kalki

Masala murders from Mumbaistan

Thrillers with Indian twists, like Anita Nair's latest novel, are fetching mega bucks in the booming mass fiction market

Co-operative co-existence

Pax Indica by Shashi Tharoor urges India to wield her soft power – but is this a glorified, yet impractical role?

An indictment of British colonialism

The book is a powerful commentary on the true nature of British occupation in Asia, writes MR NARAYAN SWAMY