Brace yourself for a virtually assisted couch-vacation

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Brace yourself for a virtually assisted couch-vacation
Brace yourself for a virtually assisted couch-vacation.

2020 probably hasnt been the best year for the explorers out there. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all the vacation plans about the beautiful cobblestone streets of Europe or a boys trip to Vegas have been shelved.

But sweat not! While you are stuck to your couches, treat yourself with a virtual vacation. After all there’s no other solution? Netflix, Prime Video and Youtube are full of countless undiscovered treasures that await your eyes you can have your own beautiful vacation from living room.

To help you make an informed decision from the depths of the almighty internet here are 5 travel shows that would help you get a couch holiday.

Spirit of Scotland

Join Kunal Kapoor in his quest to discover the land of Kilts and Castles and feel the true ‘Spirit of Scotland’ in this 5-part series. The show takes you through the breath taking landscapes, rich heritage and an extremely charming countryside that makes Scotland the fantasy land that it is.

But above all, Kunal explores the true gift of Scotland to the world, Scotch Whiskeys. In each episode Kunal pays visit to a legendary distillery, home to brands like the Glenlivet, Aberlour, Ballantine, Chivas and Royal Salute. The show is available on YouTube and others.


If you agree that travelling with your best friend is best kind of travelling, ‘Departures’ is the show for you! Two spirited guys Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach leave their 9-5 jobs to take a year long trip of a lifetime. The boys travel through every nook and corner of the world be it Japan, Canada, Jordan or Thailand to bring to you a one of a kind experience that will surely leave you reminiscing over your stalled plans and the memories with your friends. The show is available on YouTube.

Somebody Feed Phil

What happens when a well-known TV show creator who also happens to be a foodie gets his own show? Watch ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ to find out! Philip Rosenthal, the creator of long running TV show ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ takes the viewers on a food-venture around the world exploring the food culture in cities like Tel Aviv, Mexico City and New Orleans. The show offers an absolute mouthwatering experience but be sure to keep some munchies beside you because unfortunately you can’t psych your mind with virtual food. The show is available on Netflix.

Pedal the world

You know what’s a healthy vacation? A bicycle tour across 2 countries! That’s what Felix Starck, a German 20-something ventures upon in this feature-length documentary from 2015. Setting out from his home in Germany, Felix pedals south across Europe to Turkey, before jumping on a plane and heading to Southeast Asia, then New Zealand and the United States before eventually returning home to his friends and family exactly one year later. The documentary is available on Netfix.

Street Food

This series of nine 30-minute episodes explores the local delicacies of Asia and the stories of the people who make them. From Michelin-star awarded street food from Bangkok to Samosas and Aloo Tikkis in India to the snail chefs of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, the show covers the best food off all. The show explores the delicacies and oddities of Japan, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, and the Philippines and is available to watch on Netflix.

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