Beard grooming and care while wearing a mask

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The COVID-19 crisis has definitely brought in infinite changes in the lifestyle and face masks are on top of the list. And, wearing the masks constantly can cause skin irritation, red rashes and marks to those with sensitive skin. Men are more prone to skin issues while wearing masks because of the beard.

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It can be irritating; moreover, the mask can cause more problems. A layer of hair underneath the mask can get very messy and causes skin problems.

Also, the masks don’t fit properly due to the beard and leave spaces for germs to escape and get into your nose and mouth. So, keep the length of the beard hair as small as you can to avoid viruses entering your body.

If you have a dense or long beard, make sure you dry your beard properly, as the dampness caused due to the mask can make the skin itchy and even cause beard dandruff.

Always wash your mask post wearing as it can cause acne & skin rashes. Don’t forget to clean your beard and apply a good SPF lotion before wearing the mask.

Avoid putting on any oil before putting on a mask during this hot and humid weather as it can vet greasy and uncomfortable.

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This is the time when you must leave the habit of running your hand through the beard because it may transfer germs and viruses near your mouth by allowing them to settle on the beard. Combing your beard is also important to keep them untackled & doesn’t become uncomfortable.

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Use a breathable cotton mask for a comfortable go. One must prefer disposable masks and later dispose of them properly after use because they are light to handle by the beards. Let your beards breathe to avoid any irritation.

Keep your beard, as well as skin moisturized as excessive dryness, can cause problems too. If you decide to shave, even then your skin will need extra attention, cleanse and moisturize your face before wearing a mask and exfoliate and soothe it after removing the mask.

If you have pre-existing skin allergies or infections then you should use a mild cleanser to keep your beard moisturized and clean. Don’t forget to clean your mask every time you wear it.

These days face masks have become a new normal. We cannot step out of our houses without wearing a mask. It has become our prior responsibility to keep the beard protected. Whereas shaving off your beard is still the best option to keep yourself safe right now.


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