Are Indians sexy?

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Pakistani men make the list at number 3, but how do Australian and Indian men and women fare?

Dating and travel website Miss Travel has revealed its list of the world’s sexiest nationalities according to a poll of more than 110,000 Americans.
More than 66,000 women were asked which nationalities they find the sexiest. Australians were ranked number 2 behind Irish men, possibility reaching the top of the list due to the success of the film Fifty Shades of Grey starring Irishman Jamie Dornan.

But in the third spot is Pakistani men, with American and English men rounding out the top five. It has been suggested by some internet sites the high ranking for Pakistan is due to the popularity of former One Direction star Zayn Malik who is of Pakistani origin.

Following the popularity of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, Armenian and Baraian/Bajan women were ranked number 1 and 2 respectively when more than 44,000 men were asked about their dating preferences. Those nationalities were followed by American, Columbian and English women to make the top five. Australian women were ranked number 6.

India is nowhere to be seen on the sexiest men or women’s lists, with Pakistan the only Asian country to feature in the men’s list, and the Phillipines the only Asian nation to make the women’s list.
What nationalities do you consider sexy? Do you consider this list objectifying and demeaning?
Here is the full list of Miss Travel’s Sexiest Nationalities for 2015:

  1. Irish
  2. Australian
  3. Pakistani
  4. American
  5. English
  6. Scottish
  7. Italian
  8. Nigerian
  9. Danish
  10. Spanish


  1. Armenian
  2. Barbadian/Bajan
  3. American
  4. Colombian
  5. English
  6. Australian
  7. Brazilian
  8. Filipino
  9. Bulgarian
  10. Lebanese
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